My top 10 Ed Tech stories of 2009

Here are my top 10 stories of 2009 worth a second look...what are yours?
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor on

Every year our trusty editor sends us out a list of our stories that generated the most traffic for the year. Sometimes these are our most controversial, other times they're especially newsworthy, and occasionally we just write about something important in our niche that goes viral. From my top 25, I've narrowed it down to the 10 most relevant, interesting, or at least worth a reread. They appear in order of traffic - feel free to submit your own stories in the talkbacks from around the web this year that you feel are worth a second look...Enjoy, and Happy Holidays, folks!

"Windows 7 is the same as Ubuntu"

Wolfram Alpha: Wikipedia killer?

Office 2008 vs. iWork vs. NeoOffice vs. OpenOffice

Do you really need Office? Really? If the Feds don't, do we?

Good riddance, Encarta!

$800 Mac Mini? I'm all set, Apple

Unrealistic expectations and the latest Gmail outage

Does Chrome OS mean anything for schools?

Even I'd use Windows 7 if it was free!

Linux dead at hands of Windows 7? Horse puckey!

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