Nat West banking - on a mobile...

Managing bank accounts using a mobile phone became a reality Monday thanks to a new initiative by Nat West and Orange mobile Networks.

The pair will pioneer the use of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) technology, a global standard that allows mobile phone customers to securely access their accounts via an on-screen menu. Specialised services such as foreign exchange rates and economic forecasts will also be made available.

Yesterday Orange demonstrated the technology using Nokia 7110 Media Phone, but the company says the service will be available through a broad range of handsets.

Richard Brennan, Group Director of Commercial Activities at Orange, says, "Orange is committed to trialling and introducing simple, content-rich, wire-free information services that provide the greatest value to its customers. The service will not only enable Orange to move one step closer to its vision of providing a wirefree future but will also make people's lives easier."

Will you do your banking over a mobile telephone? Tell the Mailroom -- to be published Friday.