​Naver and Foursquare to develop POI search engine

Naver Labs, the research subsidiary of South Korean search giant Naver, will work with US-based Foursquare to develop a new point-of-interest (POI) search engine for global deployment.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Naver Labs and Foursquare, the US-based search-and-discovery social networking service, will cooperate to develop a POI search engine, the companies announced.

The two will also work together to find new business models that use the developed engine. Naver Labs will use Foursquare's various search data to develop the engine, which will read consumer needs.

The US social networking firm services include Foursquare City Guide, a suggest and review guide for global cities, and Foursquare Swarm, which allows users to share their experiences of locations they visited. It also operates API, SDK, as well as advertisement solutions.

Naver Labs said it was researching human movements and environments that will create "great synergy" with Foursquare.

Naver, Naver Labs' parent company, runs its namesake search portal, the most popular in South Korea, and the navigation service Naver Map. It is also the owner of global chat app Line.

Last month, Naver Labs signed a cooperation agreement with mapping service Here to develop autonomous indoor mapping coverage that will use robots.

In December, the company opened the design for AIRCART, its robotic cart with augmented strength technology, for third-party developers.

Naver is also focusing on AI, and will cooperate with compatriot device maker LG Electronics on the latter's smart speaker.


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