NetScreen unveils Gigabit security system for Internet Data Centers

Broadband and ASP are the future, but security concerns get tougherto handle at the Gigabit level. NetScreen 1000 is set to economizethis aspect.

Broadband and ASP are the future, but security concerns get tougher to handle at the Gigabit level. NetScreen 1000 is set to economize this aspect.

Singapore, 12 April 2000 -- Startup company NetScreen Technologies has announced what it claims to be the first gigabit security system for Internet Data Centers. Built around custom-designed ASICs and system code, the NetScreen 1000 can provide security for up to 100 virtual systems per solution.

As broadband applications and ASPs take off, the need for security has up to now been met through "firewall sandwiches" (a hodge-podge of hardware and software solutions) which can be costly and difficult to scale up. It is not unusual for a host to have to set up one stand-alone firewall for each customer. NetScreen 1000 employs its latest custom-built GigaScreen ASIC (announced last December) that delivers a high 1.2Gbps DES encryption and 400Mbps 3DES IPSec encryption. The scalable parallel processor features firewall protection at 500,000 concurrent sessions (stateful inspection, full configuration) and 25,000 IPSec tunnels.

A Virtual System architecture allows service providers to create and separately secure up to 100 VPN customers or security domains with a single system. "This multitenant feature significantly reduces network complexity without compromising data security," says David Flynn, NetScreen's vice president of marketing. NetScreen 1000 is expected to support more than 30 times the connections of software-based solutions running on Unix. In terms of cost, a base configuration costs S$123,350 while a full configuration is a mere $217,350.

Systems and services provider InfoNet, a subsidiary of GES International, has been appointed to distribute NetScreen solutions for the region.

NetScreen backgrounder: The company develops ASIC-based Internet security appliances and systems for firewall, VPN and traffic shaping functionality to e-business sites, broadband service providers and ASPs. A privately-held company with financial backing from Technology Associates Management Co., Ltd, Sequoia Capital, Sumitomo Corporation and Hitachi Seibu Software, NetScreen is in the process of a $905 million acquisition deal with Eficient Networks announced on 28 March 2000.