New A320 Airbus cockpit design (humorously)

The new A320 cockpit design inspired by Flight 188's overshooting Minneapolis by 150 miles is quite something. Here's a little humor to start off your weekend.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor on

Although 99.9 per cent of the time my posts about smart technology are serious, I can't resist posting this picture with respect to the Northwest Airlines Flight A320 that overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles on Oct. 21.

The doctored photo below is a humorous take on the comfy new A320 cockpit design (hey, Flight 188 wasn't Airbus' fault!). Windows XP on the center console display is especially poignant.

If you think such pilot inattention was no laughing matter, neither did NORAD (North American Air Defense Command). Read it's sobering press release about scrambling two fighter jets when air traffic controllers could not raise Flight 188's pilot over the radio. Chilling! What do you think?

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