News Burst: All work and no play for Intel

The latest 810e chipset from Intel does everything it says on the tin, but if gaming is your thing, don't go there.

By offering support for either 66, 100 or 133MHz front side bus on its enhanced 810 offering, the chip giant has brought a Coppermine upgradeable budget board to the masses.

Everyday home-surfers will applaud the move, which gives them the ability to upgrade to 600MHz Pentium III processing without going to the expense of buying the flashier BX or the as yet unavailable 820 chipset.

But by building for a price-conscious audience Intel has opted for integrated graphics, forcing hard-core gamers to plump for the pricier chipsets in order to continue their expensive habit of upgrading to the latest 3D graphics card on a whim.

Full story to follow.