News Burst: OFT highlights "lawbreaking" Internet traders

Over half the Web sites checked by the Office of Fair Trading are failing to tell shoppers their legal rights

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) warned consumers on Tuesday that many e-commerce Web sites may be breaking the law.

The OFT recently carried out a "mystery surf" of 637 Web retailers. It found that over half the sites may have been breaking the law by failing to give any information on their policies for exchanging or refunding goods. In an attempt to combat this, the OFT has launched a guide that tells shoppers their rights, whether they are shopping online or on the High Street.

Caroline Banks, director of consumer affairs at the OFT, said the OFT was committed to ensuring that shoppers understood the laws that govern the Internet. "There are very few laws that relate to ordinary purchases of goods and services which do not apply to the Internet," she explained.

Full story to follow.

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