News roundup: How real is the May Day hack threat?

Fears of hacking exercises to accompany the May Day demonstrations have been played down by both sides

The threat of hacking attacks to accompany this year's May Day protests has been played down by both police and activists, after warnings prior to previous anti-capitalist demonstrations proved to be largely unfounded. The UK's National High Tech Crime Unit has said it is not planning any action to protect firms from possible hacking attacks. Last May Day, police warned businesses that anarchist groups had planted temporary staff in City firms to coordinate an online attack -- a threat that never materialised. More recently, the Free Trade Area of Americas conference in Quebec saw a group of UK demonstrators organise a "virtual sit-in" of the meeting, but this did not include any hacking attempts. Now Internet activists have spoken out against misinformation they claim is being spread by IT security consultants about possible cyberthreats stemming from Tuesday's May Day protests. NEWS:
High-Tech Crime Unit ignores May Day hacking threat
Mon, 30 Apr One week after the NHTCU declined invitations to attend the UK's biggest computer security conference, it admits that it will not protect firms from May Day hacking action May Day hysteria unfounded, say activists
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