News Roundup: What's on the cards for chipmakers?

Things are happening in the chip world. Earnings reports, profit warnings and price wars are just a few of the buzz phrases

October is a crucial period for microchip companies, with several major manufacturers releasing their earnings within the space of a few days against a background of profit warnings and sliding stocks. At the same time, AMD has launched its fastest processor yet and, with Intel, launched a price war for the chips that run most PCs. ZDNet UK brings you the latest. NEWS FROM THE CHIP FRONTIER:
NEC sets sail with Transmeta's Crusoe
Tue, 17 Oct The computer maker introduces its second Crusoe-based mini-notebook in Japan AMD and Intel launch chip price war
Tue, 17 Oct Chip industry rivals discount prices in the face of flagging demand and sagging stock prices. And analysts say they've just begun to fight AMD starts shipping 1.2GHz Athlon chip
Tue, 17 Oct Chips are coming your way, says AMD Intel shares fall more than nine percent
Mon, 16 Oct Pricing war between Intel and AMD takes its toll Sony launches laptop with Crusoe
Mon, 16 Oct Sony's newest notebook features a Transmeta chip and is a camcorder/PC hybrid - designed specifically to record and broadcast video clips See Chips Central for daily hardware news, including interactive roadmaps for AMD, Intel and Transmeta. To have your say online click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.