News to Know: Adobe Apollo; Ray Ozzie; HP control freaks

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Reading the Ray Ozzie tea leaves. Microsoft still trying to answer Google's wake-up call.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Reading the Ray Ozzie tea leaves. Microsoft still trying to answer Google's wake-up call. Post Vista, Microsoft reorgs the Windows group. Microsoft shakes up Windows marketing unit.

Mitch Ratcliffe: The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: ReadyBoost stands alone. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Closing thoughts on my MacBook Pro Experience.

Gallery: Five years of Mini-ITX mods (right).

Ryan Naraine: Legal threat forces cancellation of Black Hat RFID hacking demo. Larry Dignan: RFID security: Black Hat muzzle prevents real discussion.

Coding Horror: Why Can't Programmers.. Program?

Apollo roundup:

David Berlind: Adobe starts opening the kimono on its Apollo platform. GooTube lookout: Jeremy Allaire debuts “Aftermix” as part of a re-tooled Brightcove. Phil Wainewright: As Outlook churns, is it WordPerfect’s revenge?

Adobe Engage presentations: Ryan Stewart: Phil Heinz--Intelisea. Acesis. Alex Bard - yourminis. Techmeme discussion.

SpendMatters: Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a Nightmare

CIOs want to see more of Google Apps. Donna Bogatin: Google: Official security strategy for Google Apps.

Larry Dignan:
How valuable is your IT department?

Windows-on-Mac software gets virtualization update.

GigaOm: Ning: let '000 Social Nets Bloom. Steve O'Hear: Ning v2: another do-it-yourself MySpace? Techmeme discussion.

David Berlind: Harnessing Corel's Wordperfect Lightning. Gallery (right).

Larry Dignan: Amid sharp decline Wall Street hits tech turbulence. Slaughter on Wall Street.

WSJ: Testing TV on Your Cellphone.

Donna Bogatin: Microsoft
trumps Google in Intuit QuickBooks.

Garett Rogers: Google Gadgets
pageview statistics.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard build 9A343.

Is Verizon Wireless really looking to buy Alltel?

Vonage, Verizon spar in court over patents.

Control freaks won at HP
, ex-board member says.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Speed up your PC - Fit a 10,000 RPM system drive.

Storm Worm variant targets blogs, bulletin boards.

George Ou: The final word on the 'megapixel myth.'