News to know: Amazon; Google-Apple; Comcast Xfinity; Devour; Cisco;

The launch of Devour Android and Comcast's new Xfinity top today's headlines
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Larry Dignan: Amazon acquires touch screen startup; Souped up Kindle being planned?

Jason D. O'Grady: Google fires back at Apple with Nexus One update

Sean Portnoy: Comcast changing its name to Xfinity for cable, Internet, phone services

Andrew Nusca: Motorola unleashes Devour Android handset; Motoblur, Verizon

Sam Diaz: Cisco earnings: 'Across the board' sales acceleration

Larry Dignan: IBM buys Initiate; Bets on healthcare IT

Garett Rogers: Google pinches Apple's head

John Morris: Intel reveals more details of its six-core Westmere chip

Harry Fuller: Famous geek says his Prius could be dangerous

Rachel King: Adobe strikes back at Apple over iPad/Flash debacle

Christopher Dawson: SMS, social media in for kids; blogging, Twitter out

Matthew Miller: World's most popular smartphone OS, Symbian, is now 100% open and free

Larry Dignan: Yahoo unloads HotJobs to Monster

Andrew Nusca: CD-quality cellular phone calls finally arrive

Tom Foremski: Edelman Survey: Trust in tech industry increases over all others

Rachel King: CBS Outdoor unveils 3D outdoor ads at New York's Grand Central Station

Paul Greenberg: Kick Apps Partners w/NBC Universal, not Conan O'Brien

Ed Bott: Will your new Windows 7 PC support XP Mode?

ZDNet UK: Linux developer explains Android kernel code removal

Tom Foremski: Edelman survey: Trust in all media plunges!

Larry Dignan: AOL: A small profit and a lot of work ahead

Doug Hanchard: Why China, U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand all block internet content

Rachel King: Samsung debuts 2TB EcoGreen F3EG Hard Drive; starting at $179.99

Mary Jo Foley: Windows veteran Mike Nash to leave Microsoft

Harry Fuller: Corn chips or biofuel? Feds push for more ethanol

Dennis Howlett: NetSuite to crack the cloud channel?

Dana Gardner: CERN's evolution toward cloud computing could portend next revolution in extreme IT productivity

Doug Hanchard: The Internet needs a few tweaks and you can help

Rachel King: Fujifilm announces 3D printer system to debut in UK this April

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft, PC makers investigating mounting reports of Windows 7 battery problems

Dion Hinchcliffe: Social CRM: Ground zero for Enterprise 2.0 in 2010

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Windows 7 wrecking notebook batteries?

Michael Krigsman: ERP failure: New research and statistics

Rachel King: Neonode to debut touchscreen e-book reader this April

Dana Gardner: BriefingsDirect analysts discuss ramifications of Google-China dust-up over corporate cyber attacks

Joe McKendrick: Is SOA an 'app store' for the enterprise?

Mary Jo Foley: What's behind Microsoft's tinkering with its low-end server line-up?

Dana Blankenhorn: Will China grab open source now?

Podcast: Does the Federal budget have the right tech priorities?

Zack Whittaker: Universities vs. the high-tech exam cheats

Heather Clancy: HP's latest data center POD gooses energy efficiency by up to 50 percent

Rachel King: Toshiba Portege M780 tablet to include Core i-series processors, 8GB RAM

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: It just works ... NOT! Apple's 27-inch iMac woes continue

Rachel King: HP updates Touchsmart 600 Quad series with Intel Core i7

Matthew Miller: Hands on with the myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition

Dana Blankenhorn: Reformers want meaningful use help for small practices

Dan Kusnetzky: Park Community Federal Credit Union - Double-Take Customer Profile

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