News to know: AMD; Google; Oracle worries; Eluma; Nuospace

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD releases Quad and Triple core Phenom processorsLarry Dignan: Google paid click growth sluggish in February; More worries emerge. Techmeme.
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Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD releases Quad and Triple core Phenom processors

Larry Dignan: Google paid click growth sluggish in February; More worries emerge. Techmeme.

Oracle new license revenue raises IT spending worries

Dennis Howlett: Nuospace: enterprise collaboration for the rest of us

Can Eluma break Nielsen's 1/9/90 rule? Try it and decide

Ed Burnette: Opera aces Acid3

Webware: Review Adobe Photoshop Express

Live from Mozilla: Firefox for iPhone?  No.

Paula Rooney: Microsoft's Chief Counsel Brad Smith urges open source rivals to compromise on IP issues, co-exist peacefully

Foley: Microsoft 'Albany': A 'ValueBox' to compete with Google Docs Garett Rogers: Google Docs gets a facelift, adds new menu Christopher Dawson: Patriot Act preventing Google Apps adoption in schools

Heather Clancy: Energy Star data center effort picks up steam

Xerox's simple list of green-tech tips: Focused on my favorite vice, paper

Images: 100 miles per gallon or bust (right)

Harry Fuller: Thinner, better, already sold out--the new new thing in solar?

Michael Krigsman: 5 tips to prevent IT extinction

Janice Chen: Don't lose another photo: The easiest way to back up your digital files

Joe McKendrick: The best way to sell SOA? Try Web 2.0 techniques

Google: Insight to YouTube videos 

Matthew Miller: Yes, you can get internet access in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska

ReadWriteWeb: More questions than answers about OpenSocial

David Morgenstern: UI guidelines: one reason the Mac shines, Windows sucks

Cisco patches IOS vulnerabilities

Mozilla updates Firefox; Fixes multiple vulnerabilities

Photos: Treasure trove for the pocket-protector set

Rik Fairlie: Wi-Fi on the Rhine

Paul Murphy: I'm not against Windows; Unix just works better

Dell, HP confronting laptop battery shortage

Techmeme: CNET lays off 10 percent of U.S. workforce

Court stays FCC's new E911 standards

Sprint pay incentives aim to slow cancellations

Richard Koman: Wall 2.0: Should some things be left offline?

Chistopher Dawson: A quick lesson for your comp sci students

Paul Miller: illumin8-ing improvements for knowledge workers?

WiMax saved? Comcast, Time Warner Cable eye Sprint, Clearwire pact

Motorola splits itself up; Separates handset business

Engadget: Motorola tells of fall of technology icon

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