News to know: Apple, Obama's budget, Chrome, Google App Store, Microsoft's BPOS Lite

Steve Jobs thoughts on Google and Adobe, as well as tech's presence in Obama's budget proposal, top today's headlines.
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News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Rachel King: Steve Jobs calls Adobe 'lazy', says Google can't 'kill the iPhone'

Larry Dignan: Obama's $3.8 trillion proposed budget: Parsing the tech priorities

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Google Chrome steals usage share from IE/Firefox, Win 7 breaks 10%

Sam Diaz: WSJ: Google preparing online apps store of its own

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to target SMB users with new 'BPOS Lite' cloud service

Dana Gardner: Business event processing and SOA: Joined at the hip

Harry Fuller: Post-Copenhagen: the homework assignment has been turned in

Sean Portnoy: LG promising 20-inch OLED TV in 2010, 40-inch version in 2012

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Azure cloud is officially open for business

Garett Rogers: Google Chrome now officially supports Greasemonkey

Sean Portnoy: Alienware M11x "gaming netbook" ready for pre-order at $799

Heather Clancy: Tax software leader Intuit taps Hara for environmental software, Minnesota picks EarthSoft

Dana Gardner: Technology, process and people must combine smoothly to achieve strategic virtualization benefits

Rachel King: ExoPC Slate tablet computer takes on iPad with Windows 7, Flash support

Heather Clancy: Take one step at a time when planning data center energy efficiency agenda

CNET: Botnet sends fake SSL pings to CIA, PayPal, others

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Will scaled-up iPhone apps be a usability nightmare on the iPad?

Dan Kusnetzky: Social media and its impact on company image

Ed Bott: Can Microsoft close the app gap with Apple's iPad?

Rachel King: Microsoft steps up Xbox 360 external hard drive to 250 GB

Sam Diaz: Nexus One for AT&T 3G on the way

Rachel King: Armatix high-tech pistol gun only works with the help of a pocket watch

Doug Hanchard: Should Government drop Windows and turn to open source?

Jason D. O'Grady: iPad's lack of Flash/USB/Bluetooth is all about lock-in

Zack Whittaker: 3 years of lost work (and a music collection) boil down to six DVD's

Dennis Howlett: Nine common SaaS marketing mistakes

Rachel King: NTT DoCoMo planning to demo LTE network prototype at MWC 2010

Paula Rooney: SpamAssassin upgraded

John Morris: Acer's full HD stereoscopic 3D monitor now available

Doug Hanchard: U.S. arms sale to Taiwan may throw Google negotiations in China out the window

Jennifer Leggio: Xerox pushes social media from the inside out

Jason D. O'Grady: Colbert rocks an iPad at the Grammys

Rachel King: Samsung gearing up mass production of 'world's first' touch AMOLED panel

John Morris: Touch set to take off on laptops and netbooks

Dana Blankenhorn: Why open source is health reform

Joe McKendrick: SOA, Agile and Cloud will pave the way to Lean IT

CNET: Google phasing out support for IE6

Rachel King: Wacom updates Intuos4 series tablet computer with Bluetooth

Michael Krigsman: Call for IT Devil's Triangle research

Dana Blankenhorn: What China wants in Internet battle is wholly proprietary

CNET: Google aims to speed up DNS requests

Dana Blankenhorn: How open source tears down proprietary advantage

Larry Dignan: Amazon vs. Macmillan: Capitulation will lead to higher e-book prices, Apple iPad momentum

Christopher Dawson: Dumping my laptop for...a server?

Smart Planet: Radically rethinking agriculture

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