News to know: Apple vs. Psystar; Intel; Microsoft and multicore; Linux kernel

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple sues PsystarSam Diaz: Complaint: 'Invaluable good is being eroded'Larry Dignan: The end of the Mac clones?Jason D.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple sues Psystar

Larry Dignan: Intel's second quarter delivers; Cheap laptop demand up

Dennis Howlett: Intel's Centrino 2 + WiMAX could break the Luddite Telcos

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Intel Centrino 2 lives. Gallery (right)

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's ultimate many-core destination

EMC connects the Iomega-Mozy storage dots

Dan Kusnetzky: Citrix versus the Xen community

Deb Perelman: What your boss hates about telecommuting

San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. officials locked out of computer network

Ed Bott: Windows Update versus Ubuntu Update

Paula Rooney: Linux 2.6.26 kernel update released

Jason Perlow: The 5 Stages of iPhone Acceptance

CNBC: SK Telecom in Talks to Acquire Sprint: Sources

TechRepublic: 10 technologies that cybercriminals love to exploit

ISuppli: Seeking Mass Market Acceptance, Apple Stresses Cost Reduction for iPhone 3G

Nate McFeters: David Litchfield on details of one of the critical vulnerabilities from the latest Oracle patch

News.com: The backstory on Senate's Google-Yahoo hearing

Dennis Howlett: European telcos squeal: should we care?

Oliver Marks: Free Taxonomy & Folksonomy Book

Jason O'Grady: iPhone 3G unlocked with SIM adapter

The Green Enterprise: Frog's Leap Winery

Michael Krigsman: London Underground's card system fails

Nate McFeters: Dev Team shows off video of jailbroken iPhone 3G

John Carroll: Why Flash and Silverlight will save the web

Ryan Naraine: WordPress 2.6 disables remote access, swats 194 bugs

Richard Koman: Viacom, Google cut deal on user data

Dana Blankenhorn: The Web can help you take your medicine

Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Bold review: we've been rockin' it for a month

Steve O'Hear: Confirmed: Twitter buys Summize

Roland Piquepaille:NASA tests fiber optic wing shape sensors

Dana Gardner: Serena Software brings business mashups to mainframe application release process

Andrew Nusca: Sony unveils 'world's first 16.4-inch notebook'

TechCrunch: Digg Is Pushing More Traffic To Traditional News Sites

Heather Clancy: There's money up on the roof

Zoho lands Swisscom as partner

Are IT managers buying into 'green'?

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