News to know: Apple's update barrage; SOA for masses; Patch cycles

Notable headlines: Apple, Cisco extend negotiations on iPhone name. Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market.
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Notable headlines: 

Apple, Cisco extend negotiations on iPhone name. Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market. iPhone / iTablet dock - inductive charging.
Apple releases torrent of software updates. Apple fixes iChat, Finder (MoAB) flaws.
Does Microsoft's patch cycle need fixing? Browser beware: Unpatched holes in Firefox, IE 7. Hack lets intruders sneak into home routers.
iPod meets Campaign 2008: Chris Dodd podcasting ‘User Generated Politics.’

Has open-source lost its halo?

Wake up to the 'daylight-saving' bug. Gadget owners beware: Daylight-saving time has changed. Photos: Gadgets caught in daylight-saving switch (right).
SOA for the masses: Widgets, pipes and teqlets.
From Analyst to Evangelist… Let’s get it started!

Gateway, the quad-core pioneer.

Ballmer's list: His top nine Microsoft growth picks.

Ballmer to Wall Street: Temper your Windows Vista projections. How serious is Microsoft about open source?
Survey: Blackberry owners chained to work.
Vista Hands On #4: Clean install with an upgrade key. Vista Capable vs. XP Ready: Microsoft’s semantic choices make a big difference.

Your next help call--to Russia? Photos (right).
Silicon Valley Meets ‘American Idol’ With Prizes to Inspire Inventors.

Is there a future? Vonage subscriber-growth slowdown is troubling.
VMware's VI3 Suite Delivers on Virtualization's Promise.
SAP to keep its chief a bit longer.
Joshua Greenbaum: SAP CEO stays put for the right reasons. Larry Dignan: Why SAP needs Kagermann for a while longer.

CIO to CEO: 56 moving up the ladder.

What you need to know about avian flu and IT.
How Google falls: Unprofitable in 2009.

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