News to know: Building PCs; Jotspot; Windows Live; iPhone skins

Notable headlines:Garett Rogers: Get ready for JotSpot in Google Docs. Techmeme discussion.

Notable headlines:

Garett Rogers: Get ready for JotSpot in Google Docs. Techmeme discussion.

Hidden flight simulator application in Google Earth.

Robin Harris: Build a $2,500 supercomputer. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Quad-core PC project - Update on the Asus Striker Extreme motherboard. The parts list. Weekend Project - Building two quad

-core PCs.

Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to unveil Windows Live suite this week. Ryan Stewart: Silverlight and Microsoft Live services.

Jason O'Grady: Consider skinning your iPhone.

Joe McKendrick: More moves in the SOA-mashup space.

Christopher Dawson: Should parents see your gradebook online?

Rough Type: Adblock Plus: the nuclear plug-in.

Financial Times: Chinese military hacked into Pentagon. Richard Stiennon: China getting uppity.

ZDNet Asia: China hosts nearly half of malware sites. Dennis Howlett: KPMG on Entertprise 2.0: a dud. Roland Piquepaille: Microrobots made from heart muscles. Computerworld: Web host sees bright future with 100% solar-powered data center. George Ou: SSE extension wars heat up between Intel and AMD. NBC, Apple play game of brinkmanship. Larry Dignan: iTunes showdown brewing: Content owners vs Apple.

Dana Gardner: IBM's Cell processor looks like a candidate to power numerous infrastructure appliances.

Photos: A century of helicopters (right).

Ed Bott: Blu-ray, HD DVD, and Vista. Computerworld: Expert finds 'stupid' vulnerabilities in Oracle 11g.

In-game advertising company adopts TV ad model

eWeek: IT Workers Second-Guess Career Choice.


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