News to know: CES; Gates' curtain call; Office 2003 and old file types; Apple

Notable headlines:CES coverage:Ryan Stewart: Silverlight to power the online video portal for the 2008 OlympicsGates: Curtain call for crystal ball. Mary Jo Foley: Gates' last CES keynote: Long on sales claims, short on futures.
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Notable headlines:

CES coverage:

David Morgenstern: Looking back: The PC assault on Apple's pro markets Sure bet for 2008: More Apple lawsuits Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Latest antitrust lawsuit targeting Apple's weak spots

The New Yorker: Google squares off with its Capitol Hill critics.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft restores Of

fice 2003 users' access to old file types. Report: Windows Mobile 7 to incorporate touch, gesture recognition.

Microsoft softens limits on its Windows Web Server. Microsoft adds a new subscription licensing plan for SMBs

Photos: New Segways--leaner and meaner

Richard Koman: Obama turns Facebook fans into delegates

George Ou: Ruckus wireless LAN security method solves usability versus security dilemma

Larry Dignan: LiMo: New members added; First release on deck; Is the future about mobile middleware?

Napster moves to MP3-only music download format

New York Times: Investors seek takeover of CNET

TechCrunch: Wikia Search is a complete letdown.

Christopher Dawson: Followup from Intel on the OLPC debacle

Gallery (right): Favorite views of Saturn

Garett Rogers: Magellan to provide local listings from Google

Android contest officially open - Individuals happy, teams worried

Matthew Miller: Vodafone 2008 roadmap may include first Palm smartphone with WiFi, two Nokias, two BlackBerry devices, and two HP devices

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Office 2003 SP3 and CorelDraw .CDR files

Russell Shaw: Sprint customer: Dad on our calling plan just died. Sprint: prove it

Phil Fersht: Maintaining a 25% pro

fit margin in this crazy world of globalization. Gallery: Audi's plant in India.

Roland Piquepaille: 3-D pictures of a cancer-promoting enzyme

A crystal as beautiful as a diamond

Larry Dignan: OLPC responds to Intel breakup

Play the Sears privacy game (and get your neighbor's purchase history)

Are so-called anywhere applications getting somewhere?

The next hacker frontier: Social networking sites

Michael Krigsman: Boeing 787 at risk of in-flight hacking. Twitter's true magic

Russell Shaw: Thing is, Yahoo!, you harvested and used my Visa number without my permission

New Mac chip in pipeline could turn iPhone into a mini MacBook

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How to use your phone to diagnose your car's 'check engine' light
BlueDriver Bluetooth dongle

How to use your phone to diagnose your car's 'check engine' light

Don't let Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' crash your old laptop

Don't let Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' crash your old laptop

Elon Musk drops details about Tesla's humanoid robot

Elon Musk drops details about Tesla's humanoid robot