News to know: E-commerce; HTC HD2; Google, Apple

The U.S. gets back to work after a four-day weekend. E-commerce sales are looking up, Matthew Miller reviews HTC HD2, Google and Apple lead the headliners.
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Oliver Marks: Dark Internet Fundamentals

Michael Krigsman: CIO interview: Casey Coleman of the General Services Administration

Matthew Miller: Review: HTC HD2 raises the bar for Windows Mobile devices

ZDNet's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Garett Rogers: Privacy: How do you rate Google?

Christopher Dawson: Royal Society papers provide science, history resources

Does Chrome OS mean anything for schools?

Zack Whittaker: Why should students care about the latest, breaking tech?

Oliver Marks: Making Money with Twitter

Robin Harris: Swoopo: a lottery disguised as an auction?

MacRumors: Apple Starts Field Testing Next Generation iPhone (3,1)

David Morgenstern: Apple Store fails the Nordstrom test

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Will the GPU become the new CPU?

AP: Jay Leno losing his audience to DVR machines

Jason Perlow: Will the Adult Industry Drive Android Adoption?

Engadget: Intel's desktop roadmap leaked, with faster i5 and i7, introduction of i3

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: IBM WebSphere appears to be more well-RESTed

Top-rated reviews of the week (photos)

Tom Foremski: Will a fragmented media lead to a flowering of culture?

Zack Whittaker: Microsoft: To spam or not to spam

Brian Sommer: When the Cloud Meets Agile Development

Paul Murphy: Sympathy, and thanks, for Harry

Harry Fuller: East Anglia hacking leads to data publication? Or destruction?

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