News to know: eBook merits; FCC; Microsoft; Apple

Next-gen enterprises, the decade's most annoying Web developments, e-books, AT&T and Windows 7 are today's headliners.
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Dion Hinchcliffe: What will power next-generation businesses?

Jason Perlow: eBook Readers: Stink, Stank, Stunk

CNet News: Mozilla worker touts Bing over Google, citing privacy

Forrester: Harness the power of workforce personas

Larry Dignan: GAO thumps FCC on wireless oversight

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Out of the box, Win 7 less secure than Vista

Decade's end: Most annoying things the Web offered (images)

10 Windows features I would like to see in Linux

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft and PC makers readying more Windows 7 systems for small businesses

Microsoft reannounces its exFAT file format is available for licensing

Zack Whittaker: Facebook will never get privacy right

ReadWriteWeb: Why Facebook Changed Its Privacy Strategy

Oliver Marks: The Clear Path Forward for the SAP Super Tanker...

Search Engine Land: Search & Real Time Madness

Sean Portnoy: Wal-Mart weekend HDTV deals: $398 Vizio 1080p, Sony 1080p Bravia with PS3 for $958

Jason O'Grady: Apple patents tamper-evident labels for iPods and iPhones

Janice Chen: How to pick the right memory card

Heather Clancy: Green IT is becoming more of a talking point for 2010 purchasing

Pocket Lint: Dell Android tablet hitting CES 2010

Fifteen great games you can play on a Netbook(images)

Does Apple need to refresh iTunes? Probably

Jason O'Grady: Episode 120: PowerPage Podcast

iTunes could become WebTunes

Google Mobile app gets revved

Dignan: Dell: Enterprise desktops aren't dead, but are getting smaller

New Tee Vee: Buy a DVD on Amazon; Start Watching the Movie in Minutes

Zack Whittaker: Is society addicted to technology? Not really

Doug Hanchard: Does ICT need a stimulus package?

Mock trial reveals problems with electronic surveillance records

Roku Player's updated interface: A visual tour (photos)

BNet: AOL Spinoff Faces Not Challenges, Not Hurdles, But Steep Cliffs

Tom Foremski: Paris diary: France seeks to reclaim 'entrepreneur'

Heather Clancy: "Wheelie-ing Elvi" demonstrate latest in LED attire

Rachel King: AT&T to start charging more for iPhone data usage?

Blankenhorn: LoopFuse turns open source heritage into big brother sales tool

Malaysian online payment outfit buys Friendster

DecisionView a big step forward in clinical trials

Microsoft: Be secure, mind your drives

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