News to know: Enterprise 2.0; Vista and malware

Headlines of the DayIt's review and preview season: Dion Hinchcliffe has the Enterprise 2.0 year in review.
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Headlines of the Day

It's review and preview season: Dion Hinchcliffe has theEnterprise 2.0 year in review.

Richard MacManus has 2007 Web predictions.

More IT that mattered in 2006and Dan Farber's year in pictures.

It was a dismal year for data breaches.
January is the month of the Apple bugs.  

Windows Vista Team Blog
: Windows Vista and protection from malware. Microsoft releases first draft of PatchGuard APIs. And Microsoft is looking for ideas about its next OS.

Forrester loses its CFO over an options issue. Dell's CFO will step down in January.

Nick Carr breaks down the year in search results. Google users are dweebs. Yahoo users are horndogs. AOL users are geezers.
Palm results in line with its profit warning. Third quarter Palm outlook cut.

Dead-Finger Tech:
Sean says the Blackberry Pearl is the best everbut Bret has ideas for RIM.

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