News to know: FTC, Psystar, Vonage, Apple-Palm, Oracle

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Sam Diaz: FTC targets bloggers for disclosure about perks, freebies

Jason Perlow: Psystar's Thermopylae: The Nightmare Hypervisor Arrives

Larry Dignan: Vonage launches mobile apps; Focuses on international calls

Sam Diaz: The Apple-Palm cat-and-mouse game: How long can it last? [poll]

Larry Dignan: Oracle still hardware happy: Interested in buying Brocade

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Can Apple make a Tablet PC "cool"?

John Morris: Adobe and Nvidia bring GPU computing to the masses

Dana Gardner: HP roadmap dramatically reduces energy consumption across data centers

Andrew Nusca: Samsung introduces Behold II smartphone; Android with TouchWiz UI

Brian Sommer: The troubling thoughts re: outsourcing

Andrew Mager: PhotoSketch: better than sliced bread, Photoshop

Andrew Nusca: Gunnar Optiks Legend eyeglasses reduce eye fatigue; $79

Heather Clancy: Green Grid releases green data center resources

Dana Gardner: Web data services extend data access and distribution beyond the RDB-BI straightjacket

Larry Dignan: PC vs. Mac: It's not zero sum

Ryan Naraine: The case of the fake money-mules: Inside the URLZone Trojan network

Larry Dignan: Verizon reshuffles units as operating chief retires

Dion Hinchcliffe: Twenty-two power laws of the emerging social economy

Ed Bott: Windows 7 in action: do more with the taskbar and Jump Lists

Matthew Miller: Windows Marketplace for Mobile open for business

Christopher Dawson: Just give your netbook users Karmic Koala

Andrew Mager: Facebook measures Gross National Happiness Index

Larry Dignan: Macs and PCs found shacking up

Christopher Dawson: Wolfram Alpha announces Homework Day-Sounds fun, eh?

Harry Fuller: The new way to get rooftop solar installed: standard-sized shingles

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Poll: When buying a new PC, what's the most important component?

Tom Foremski: What's the point of non-profit news ventures? Stop the handouts...

Andrew Mager: jQuery Enlightenment: For the intermediate to advanced Javascripter

Sam Diaz: WSJ challenges NFL's ridiculous policy by live-blogging game

Dana Blankenhorn: A Nobel links aging, cancer, evolution and politics

ZDNet UK: Shuttleworth: Amazon will win cloud battle

Harry Fuller: Will the trees save us?

Zack Whittaker: Hotmail hacked: Thousands of account details published online

Richard Koman: Apple sees red (delicious) over grocery logo

Larry Dignan: U.S. Internet ad revenue: Down 5.3 percent; Search rules

Dennis Howlett: SAP's feet put to the fire

Andrew Nusca: HTC debuts Pure, Tilt 2 smartphones; Windows Mobile 6.5 on AT&T

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Midori: Who's on the all-star roster?

Zack Whittaker: The best $100 you've spent on killer tech?

Andrew Nusca: Apple to give Mighty Mouse a mighty overhaul

Dana Blankenhorn: What Everyblock owes Knight after its open source success

Dave Greenfield: A Different Kind of Phone Service

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: RCA sport media player, Dell Inspiron desktop, Sony digital photo frame

ZDNet UK: Large Hadron Collider looks for November restart

Ed Burnette: What's new in Android 1.6 (Donut)? Part 2: Developer features

Larry Dignan: Adobe has the iPhone surrounded with Flash, but security headaches loom

Dana Blankenhorn: Open Solutions Alliance acquired by Europeans

Dana Blankenhorn: How open source defends itself in the PR wars

CNET: Yahoo to close Xoopit for Gmail users

Matthew Miller: Hands-on review: HTC Hero from Sprint is truly super

Andrew Nusca: RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 spotted in pictures, video

Mary Jo Foley: Flash 10.1 beta coming to Windows Mobile 6.5 phones by year-end

Heather Clancy: Microsoft targets cities, government agencies with carbon emissions accounting tool

Larry Dignan: Microsoft's Ballmer on the flavors of Windows 7, the economy and XP

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile Samsung Behold II will be powered by Google Android

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Adobe Flash for all smartphones ... except iPhone

Dan Kusnetzky: Fourth type of cloud computing

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