News to know: GE-Comcast; AT&T ranking; Vogels; Psystar settlement; Storm 2; Nokia

Today's top headlines include GE and Comcast being near a deal over NBC Universal, AT&T ranking worst cell phone service by Consumer Reports and reports that Apple and Psystar have reached a settlement.
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Sam Diaz: CNBC: GE, Comcast in final stages of NBC Universal deal

Jason D. O'Grady: Consumer Reports ranks AT&T last among U.S. wireless carriers

Larry Dignan: Amazon CTO Vogels: Cloud computing an option for disaster recovery

Sam Diaz: Report: Apple, Psystar reach partial settlement

Jason Perlow: Storm 2: The Misfit BlackBerry

Sam Diaz: Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

Heather Clancy: Power management software vendor 1E gets tacit thumbs-up from Microsoft

Jason D. O'Grady: MacHeads streamed online for free

Harry Fuller: East Anglia hacking: one down, how many to go?

Amazon CTO: Cloud's advantage

Sam Diaz: Comcast keeps promise, launches data usage meter

Larry Dignan: Chris Anderson goes analog; We all can be manufacturers

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: UPDATED - "Black Screen of Death" problems seem to be little more than scattered cases

Larry Dignan:IBM's Tivoli heads to Amazon Web Services

Sam Diaz: Report: Bright outlook for IT jobs

Ars Technica: Steve Jobs intervenes, approves Knocking streaming video app

Media Memo: Is YouTube Ready for Primetime? Google Wants to Stream TV, for a fee

Harry Fuller: Most of us use a lot of oil without ever driving a car

CNET: Fake swine flu e-mails lead to computer virus

Facebook blog: An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

ZDNet UK: India blocks millions of cell phones

Larry Dignan: Smart cities, sensors and their potential side effects

Heather Clancy: Echelon ships new energy management appliance

Ryan Naraine: Beware of rigged PDF files on BlackBerry

Doug Hanchard: Can hackers have a disease and be absolved from a crime? Maybe...

paidContent: Huffington To Murdoch: Stop 'Pointing Fingers'

Mary Jo Foley: Ruby on Rails becomes latest open-source offering to run on Microsoft's Azure cloud

Zack Whittaker: Email epidemic: Don't cut the flow, embrace it!

Jennifer Leggio: Does God read Facebook? Religion and business on social networks may not mix

Harry Fuller: An obnoxious oxide

Dancho Danchev: Koobface botnet enters the Xmas season

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:DiRT 2 - One reason to buy a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

Ryan Naraine: Exploit published for FreeBSD local root vulnerability

Harry Fuller: Don't do anything until we know all the facts

Larry Dignan: Gartner acquires AMR Research

Andrew Nusca: Dell owners complain of underperforming/overheating E6400/E6500 notebooks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: UPDATED: Dell owners complain of underperforming/overheating E6400/E6500 notebooks

Andrew Nusca: Dell's Throttlegate: Is a defect turning a 2.2GHz CPU into 100MHz?

Andrew Nusca:VIA Mobile-ITX platform half the size of Pico-ITX

Ryan Naraine:Clientless SSL VPNs expose corporate users to attacks

James Staten: Intel vs. AMD still isn't a fair fight

Mary Jo Foley: Office Web Apps access comes to Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry and more (with some caveats)

ZDNet Asia: Sun sees drop in server market

Dana Blankenhorn: Does health IT need market centers?

Dennis Howlett: SAP makes progress with KPIs, postpones cost increase

Matthew Miller: fring brings video call viewing to iPhone and two-way video to Nokia

Rachel King: Dell releases Precision M6500 with Intel Core i7 technology

Dana Blankenhorn: Are open source developers suffering?

Heather Clancy: The latest greenest data center: Under a Helsinki cathedral

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: XP's usage share down, Win 7, Firefox & IE8 up

Rachel King: Samsung announces Diva Collection mobile phones

Rachel King: RED Scarlet 2/3 camera specs and price unveiled

Dan Kusnetzky: Sun offers VirtualBox 3.1 and "Teleportation" migration capabilities

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