News to know: Google Buzz, smartphones; Rhapsody; Win7; Adobe

Google Buzz and Rhapsody top today's headlines
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Sam Diaz: Meet Google Buzz: Google goes social [live blog]

Larry Dignan: RIM's BlackBerry, Apple iPhone rule smartphone roost

Sam Diaz: Real, Viacom to spin off Rhapsody

Heather Clancy: Black eye for hybrids as Toyota extends recall

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Windows 7 honeymoon is over

Ryan Naraine: Adobe screw-up leaves Flash flaw unpatched for 16 months

Tom Foremski: IBM software chief doesn't see any fall out from SAP CEO change

Jennifer Leggio: Peer trust plummets: Is marketing to blame?

Andrew Nusca: With quantum physics, Samsung aims to make smartphones smarter

Tom Foremski: ACLU says GOOG collab with US spy agency is dangerous

Sean Portnoy: Asus announces first laptops using Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics

Heather Clancy: In 'Transit': Ford seeks foothold in commercial electric segment

David Morgenstern: The latest head-to-head comparison between Windows virtualization solutions for the Mac

Dancho Danchev: Reports: SQL injection attacks and malware led to most data breaches

Dana Blankenhorn: How Microsoft uses open source to fight open source

Sean Portnoy: Nvidia Optimus laptop tech switches between discrete GPU, Intel integrated graphics

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: ATI's newest GPU - The Radeon HD 5570

Jason D. O'Grady: The only flight app you need: FlightTrack Pro

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's weakest cloud link: The Windows Azure Console?

Matthew Miller: iPhone Quickoffice update 3.0 adds Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box.net

Sean Portnoy: Why are black levels changing for the worse on Panasonic's plasma HDTVs?

Ryan Naraine: Patch Tuesday: Microsoft plugs critical Windows worm holes

Joel Evans: Do we still need a standalone GPS device?

Larry Dignan: Seagate unveils 600GB, 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive

Andrew Nusca: Netgear's new mobile broadband router offers 802.11n and 3G for your boat

Paula Rooney: Ksplice Uptrack eliminates Linux server reboots, Sunday hours

David Morgenstern: Is a shake-up coming to the Mac CAD market?

Zack Whittaker: Microsoft, CEOP adds panic button to IE8 to fight online child abuse

Dana Blankenhorn: The language Google knows best is English

Dana Gardner: AmberPoint finally gets acquired as Oracle fills in more remaining stack holes

Christopher Dawson: Rethinking mobile labs

Andrew Nusca: Apple releases Aperture 3 photo software suite

Zack Whittaker: Quantum exploit revolutionises pressure-touch phones

Dana Blankenhorn: Is HealthIT getting lost in the weeds?

CNET: Student file sharers allegedly extorted

Rachel King: Lullabelly brings the sound of music to the womb

ZDNet Asia: PayPal suspends service in India

Dan Kusnetzky: Rugged Software Organization: Improving Software Quality and Security

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Field Report: Reported Windows 7 reliability fix problems

Jason Hiner: CIOs: Apple iPad, slate PCs have a business role

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