News to know: Google, Intel chums again; Microsoft earns; Zero-day; Googlebombs

Notable headlines:Google using Intel servers again.Microsoft Word Zero-Day Attack Discovered.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:
Google using Intel servers again.
Microsoft Word Zero-Day Attack Discovered. Trio of Cisco flaws may threaten networks. Recommendations released for antispyware firms.

Trouble in Vista paradise? Intuit warns of major compatibility problems.

Backwards compatibility: When can (and should) vendors cry uncle?

Microsoft responds on Intuit.

QuickBooks Vista problems are six years in the making

Internet Tax Plan Survives ID Committee.
Parsing Microsoft’s financials: Office shines, online services losing money. Microsoft or Google: Who helps economy more?

Microsoft 'not happy' with search results.

Former Livedoor Exec Says He Was Framed.
Apple closes another Wi-Fi hole.
PS3 to Make European Debut on March 23.

Vonage exec
: we can be an “inflection point” for broadband upgrades
Google Kills Bush's Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs. A quick word about Googlebombs.
Amazon Quietly Launches Amapedia, a Wikipedia For Products

More Casinos Realize They Can Blame Software Glitch And Not Pay Out Big Prizes.
190,000 Office Live beta accounts left in limbo.
Finding the ROI in blogging. Forrester report.
Close Up: HP’s sleek TouchSmart IQ770 to ship with Vista, takes on Apple, but imperfect. Images.
Symantec sheds light on its internal IT
Apple digital music antitrust suit moves ahead. Make Your iTunes Library Mobile.
Netflix 4Q Performance Defies Skeptics.
Another Microsoft team looks to end ‘hot-fix hell’
What's in a Name? For Apple, a Focus on the Digital Living Room
Liberty Alliance is alive and kicking.
Photoshop, in the beginning.
GM Outsourcing Overhaul, 1 Year Later
Do you really need Windows Vista?

Western Digital 2Q Earnings Rise.

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