News to know: Google-Italy; Intel; Oracle; Vizio; e-readers; IE6

A conviction against Google execs in Italy and a cyberattack for Intel are some of today's top headlines.
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News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News to Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Google execs wrongly convicted by Italian court over an uploaded video

Larry Dignan: Intel: We were hit with cyberattack

Dennis Howlett: How Oracle gets customers to keep paying

Sean Portnoy: Vizio top LCD seller in U.S., but Samsung top overall HDTV maker

Larry Dignan: E-readers: Would it kill vendors to provide sales stats?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Die IE6! DIE!!!

Larry Dignan: Clearwire: We'll triple our 4G subscribers in 2010

Techcrunch: Yelp Hit With Class Action Lawsuit For Running An “Extortion Scheme”

Christopher Dawson: Nintendo DSi XL: Another approach to 1:1?

Rachel King: Mini Connected brings together Mini Cooper, iPhone

Joe McKendrick: Fighting 'viral data': SOA Data Integration Architect Community launched

Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Open source "weakens the software industry and undermines its long-term competitiveness" says lobby group

Heather Clancy: Is the federal government setting the right example in data center energy efficiency?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft rolls out Windows 7 activation updates alongside other Windows fixes

Internet Explorer 'Browser Ballot' system in action

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows is out

Oliver Marks: Mysteries of the Oracle...

Sam Diaz: Salesforce earnings: Strong fourth quarter, outlook

Jennifer Leggio: Twitter: Becoming nothing special?

Doug Hanchard: EPIC wants TSA to halt implementation of body scanners at airports

Rachel King: LG announces T280 laptop, X140, X200 netbooks

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source still not the first option

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft ships new Windows server optimized for shared educational use

Heather Clancy: Sprint: Give us your tired mobile phones, we'll recycle them

Rachel King: Neonode announces low-cost zForce Pad multi-touch panel

Doug Hanchard: High Court's terrorism ruling could affect how you use Gmail, Twitter and Facebook

Jason D. O'Grady: iPhone SDK references camera, flash, zoom and video conferencing

Jason Perlow: Close Encounter with a Customer Carebot

Heather Clancy: Things of signs to come: New LED street light

Sam Diaz: First, Apple. Now, Walmart. Porn gets no tech respect.

Mary Jo Foley: Windows XP downgrade suit against Microsoft is dismissed

Doug Hanchard: Women to serve aboard U.S. Navy submarines

Christopher Dawson: A little surgery on the Classmates

Forrester: Welcome to the cloud market, CA

Sean Portnoy: Is Nvidia Ion 2's graphics performance for netbooks a bust?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft unveils a locked-down, hosted app bundle for U.S. government customers

Michael Krigsman: Curse of the IT prima donna

Larry Dignan: CA adds to cloud portfolio, buys 3Tera

Rachel King: Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds camera available now for $599

Larry Dignan: Disney's Web sites hit with outage

Dana Blankenhorn: Hospitals retain pricing power even in bad times

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: How to stop the 'Chuck Norris' botnet roundhouse-kicking your router

Dan Kusnetzky: StarWind Software Take Two

Rachel King: HP announces 3.0 software upgrade for MediaSmart EX470 and EX480

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