News to know: Google mobile; Microsoft Sync; Mozilla Prism; Yahoo Kickstart

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Google’s big mobile splash: Handicapping the winners and losers. Computerworld: Google to unveil mobile platform; target: iPhone?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Google’s big mobile splash: Handicapping the w

inners and losers. Computerworld: Google to unveil mobile platform; target: iPhone?News.com: Google to unveil Android phone software.

Photos: Vintage Computer Festival (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Live Calendar to go live, at long last. Microsoft delivers first test build of its online-offline sync platform. False alarm: No broader Vista SP1 beta ... yet.

Ryan Stewart: Mozilla Prism for Mac and Linux released. Microsoft Sync for offline and P2P applications (it isn't Google Gears). Webware: Yahoo Kickstarts a social service aimed at college grads. Mark Cuban: An Open Facebook API vs Google OpenSocial. MySpace, Facebook showcase targeted Web advertising.

Dan Farber: Socialtext gets new CEO and $9.5 million in funding. Roland Piquepaille: Recreating cities using online photos. A new way to make water -- and fuel cells.

Dan Farber: Aggregate Knowledge launches Pique Discovery Network. OpenSocial unleashed into the wild.

Thanks to BitTorrent, Net neutrality debate reignites.

New York Times: I, Robot: The Man Behind the Google Phone.

David Berlind: Why Apple only takes credit cards for iPhone

s & the legal questions raised. David Morgenstern: Leopard's Finder Cover Flow: Yuck! Jason O'Grady: Bad Leopard, bad. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My Mac mini - Initial thoughts.

Top 10 Reviews of the Week (right).

Ryan Naraine: Yahoo Messenger, QuickTime top list of most vulnerable Windows apps. Computerworld: Leopard's firewall a 'mess,' breaks Skype, says researcher.

Michael Krigsman: End-user GPS failure - tree surgeon needed.

WSJ.com hits 1 million subscribers.

Heather Clancy: Sensor-o-rama Part 2: Green vending machines. Part 3: You can't save power without measuring it.

Dana Blankenhorn: What Google OpenSocial really means. David Berlind: The unofficial directory of the 'OpenSocial Alliance' (26 companies and counting).

Larry Dignan: Are third party Oracle support providers losing momentum?

Christopher Dawson: A purple Classmate. Gallery (right).

N.J. man gets two years jail for AOL spam scam.

Case Western develops superstrong mice.

EDS quarterly profit rises 80 percent.

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