News to know: High-def Flash; Watermarking; Vista whining

Notable headlines:Adobe brings high-def to Flash videos. Techmeme.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adobe brings high-def to Flash videos. Techmeme. George Ou: Why watermarking is a bigger devil than DRM.

The secret of Vizio's success.

Robin Harris: Building an energy efficient home computer.

Ed Bott: We need less whining, more complaining about Vista.

Mary Jo Foley: A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Warsaw.

Photos: Computers of yesteryear. A trip down computer memory lane.

Viacom: Paramount, Dreamworks exclusively support HD-DVD. Techmeme.

Garett Rogers: Google China launches social network site. Heather Clancy Collins:The green side of IP telephony. Ryan Naraine: VMware buys Determina. Computerworld: Your data's less safe today than two years ago.

Microsoft and Open Source: Kissing cousins Dave Greenfield: Microsoft-Cisco: Let The Cold War Begin David Berlind: If 'you' build OpenID, will 'they' come?

WSJ: MTV, RealNetworks form online venture. Jason O'Grady: Safari Bookmarks on the iPhone desktop. Apple's aluminum keyboard recycled from iMac?

Steve O'Hear: Google aims to solve Social Netwoking fatigue, one friend at a time

Mary Jo Foley: Search scores still leave Microsoft behind

IBM changes directions in magnetic memory

Larry Dignan: PC component prices on the upswing.

Dan Kusnetzky: Why do organizations adopt virtualization techn


Ed Burnette: NetBeans 6 will likely use GPLv2

Cisco sees growth as more hospitals go high-tech Canon to offer new SLR camera for keen amateurs. Gallery: Canon adds 21-megapixel SLR and more

E-voting predicament: Not-so-secret ballots

Chipmakers aim to unclog data paths

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