News to know: HP-3Com; AMD; Google; Blockbuster; Bing 2.0

News to know intro:Sam Diaz: HP announces $2.7 billion acquisition of 3Com; raises outlookLarry Dignan: Cisco vs.
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News to know intro:

Sam Diaz: HP announces $2.7 billion acquisition of 3Com; raises outlook

John Morris: AMD updates roadmap, promises "supercomputer in your lap"

Andrew Nusca: Google offers 20GB online storage for price of a latte

Rachel King: Blockbuster initiating rentals via SD cards at store kiosks

Mary Jo Foley: Bing 2.0 debuts

Christopher Dawson: Is Google's Go language worth teaching or learning?

Sam Diaz: Recovery? This week's pink-slip tally tops 5,000 for tech

Andrew Nusca: Matrox debuts world's first single-slot octal graphics card; supports 8 displays

Sean Portnoy: Target Black Friday HDTV deal: Westinghouse 32-inch LCD for $246

Harry Fuller: Green building boom

GigaOm: Verizon to Launch an iPhone Next Year?

Ryan Naraine: Apple Safari exposes Windows to drive-by download attacks

Sam Diaz: LiveOffice opens cloud-based e-mail archiving to all mail platforms

End-to-end encryption is the key to protecting data and reputations

Dana Blankenhorn: Why not pay for what works?

Andrew Nusca: ZDNet's Ultimate Black Friday 2009: Deals, steals & specials guide

Rachel King: UK Santas getting gadget training before the holidays

Sam Diaz: Real appeals injunction against RealDVD; says judge erred

Larry Dignan: Clearwire: 'Google believes in us'

Joe McKendrick: Why IT can't seem to deliver measurable productivity

Dana Blankenhorn: CCHIT going on almost as if nothing happened

Larry Dignan: Putting SaaS revenue in perspective

Tech Trader Daily: Google Plans $750M Buyback To Offset AdMob Dilution

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft delivers new Zune HD games; Twitter and Facebook still to come

Paula Rooney: Yes, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 will run on Linux

Seattle PI: $35,000 for a tour of Bill Gates' home

Doug Hanchard: Our freedom comes at a price

CNET: Is Mozilla's contributions program working?

Andrew Nusca: Lenovo 11.6-in. IdeaPad U150 ultraportable available for $699

Dana Blankenhorn: Linux to your grandma this Christmas

Heather Clancy: A flip of the on switch: Utah wind project goes online

Larry Dignan: Garmin plots Android phone

Dennis Howlett: Epicor's implementation cost drive: what does it really mean?

Matthew Miller: 3D gaming comes to the Zune HD, video of all 6 new games

Mary Jo Foley: Orchard: Microsoft's open-source CMS platform is (re)born

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft gives up to 1 million Xbox modders the boot from Live

Heather Clancy: New Samsung site offers up data for evaluating SSD energy efficiency

CNET: Google hopes to remake programming with Go

Rachel King: Viewsonic premieres the VPD400 MovieBook media player for $130

Heather Clancy: New open source monitoring company pledges to bring power to the people

Dan Kusnetzky: Parallels launches Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac

Jason D. O'Grady: Mac OS 10.6.2 breaks hackintoshes

Dennis Howlett: SAP and open source: it's about Oracle

Rachel King: ImageSpan and Digimarc partner for new image management venture

Larry Dignan: Wi-Fi hotspot connection count to hit 1.2 billion

Five best smartphones for business 2009

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