News to know: ICANN hacked; IE flaw; OpenSuse 11; Hyper-V; iPhone 3G

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Zero-day flaw haunts Internet ExplorerTech heavyweights launch security response consortiumICANN and IANA's domains hijacked by Turkish hacking groupSecurity researchers hack the London underground train for free rideMatthew Miller: First public beta of Opera Mobile 9.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Zero-day flaw haunts Internet Explorer

Tech heavyweights launch security response consortium

ICANN and IANA's domains hijacked by Turkish hacking group

Security researchers hack the London underground train for free ride

Matthew Miller: First public beta of Opera Mobile 9.5 coming on 15 July

Yahoo creates three new teams to report to Decker

Dell Studio laptops now available [right]

Steve O'Hear: MySpace's "data portability" initiative goes live today - prepare to be locked-in

Deb Perelman: Where are the high tech jobs? Try Huntsville

Jason Hiner: U.S. tech sector jobs show strong growth, but lack of engineers could hurt in future

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Fun with openSUSE 11.0 with gallery tour

Firefox and Thunderbird phone home daily

Zack Whittaker: Reformed computer criminals - your country needs you

Jason Perlow: Hyper-V: It's here

Deb Perelman: Microsoft's geeks might miss Gates the most

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Taking the 'H' Out of HR

Jason D. O'Grady: Splash applications coming to iPhone

InfoWorld: Survey: 8 in 10 businesses now using Macs

Q&A with LinkedIn's Allen Blue: Post-funding plans, Company Groups and corporate intranets

Nathan McFeters: Fired Director of IT accused of destroying organ donor information of former company

Industry analyst Judith Hurwitz: "Break a lot of glass" [podcast]

Joe McKendrick: Progress makes another SOA acquisition: Mindreef

Photos: iPhone celebrates a year [right]

Ed Bott: Intel stays behind the curve ... again

Sticking with XP / Upgrading to Vista / Waiting for Windows 7 / Switching to Mac or Linux - There's no single right answer

Heather Clancy: Dell grabs a gold. That is, a gold rating for one of its server power supplies

Harry Fuller: Despite Centro, Palm Swings to a Loss

Read/WriteWeb: Rumor: Microsoft to Acquire Powerset for $100 Million

Dana Blankenhorn: VivaKi, dude, where is my code?

Time for open source to build a Code Recycling Center

Rik Fairlie: Chrysler to offer Wi-Fi in 2009 autos

Digital Experience! NYC 2008, in photos

Gates' next act is to step into vaccine controversy

Killing cancer cells -- one at a time

Playing a video game? No, it's health therapy

Paul Murphy: From Chapter one: Data Processing and the IBM Mainframe