News to know: ID theft nightmare; Safari for Windows; SAP, AMD stumble

Notable headlines: One man’s identity theft nightmare.Life as a pro gamer.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

One man’s identity theft nightmare.
Life as a pro gamer.
Ultimate guide to enterprise Wireless LAN security released. Exploit Released for Critical PC Hijack Flaw. Oracle offering early warning on security fixes.  

Images: Pocket size solar power.

Apple watch:

Safari for Windows from Apple? Mozilla thinks so.
U.S. Scrutinizes Grant to Jobs
Legal experts to Steve Jobs: iPhone your lawyers.
How Apple could fight Cisco.
Mac flaw puts Safari surfers at risk.
Inside the Venice Project, Built on Mozilla
More on Windows Vista and crapware.
Eclipse joins Java Community Process (JCP).

Tech big vendors struggle:

AMD warns of disappointing fourth quarter.
SAP’s enterprise software sales disappoint.

Napster Scores AOL Deal.
Complicated Laws = Free Calls.
Infosys: Offshore outsourcing healthy, turnover creeps up. Survey: Software companies increasing offshoring work.

Next versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox taking shape. Firefox 3 Plans and IE8 Speculation - Browsers Heading Apart. Again.

No Porn On Sony HD-DVD Blu-ray?
World of Warcraft passes 8 million subscribers.
AT&T to phase out Cingular brand.
Microsoft loses top executive in China.
HP investigator to plead guilty, testify.
K-12, Higher Ed, Apples, Oranges…
What about script-based call settings for eBay SkypeMe? Frog Design router/AP is cool: but Vonage has bigger amphibians to fry.

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