News to know: IE 8; Vista; Yahoo & Hillary

Notable headlines:Microsoft starts gathering IE 8 feedback.Adobe to send PDF to standards group.
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Notable headlines:

Microsoft starts gathering IE 8 feedback.

Adobe to send PDF to standards group. Adobe releasing PDF spec to ISO embracing the Open Web. Adobe statement. iTunes fertile new ground: PDFcasting.
Microsoft copies BlueJ, admits it, then patents it.
Open-source identity projects connect with Microsoft. IBM contributes ID software to open source security project.

HP, SAP expand partnership.

27 tips for teleconferencing.

Here comes Vista:

Before you go Vista: Advice from nine experts. Screen shots: Experts give Vista advice. Vista inside and out.
Vista "upgrade" drops compliance checking, requires old OS to install. Vista Upgrade Edition is lame by design.
Users Not Rushing on Vista, Office 2007.

Vista tricks, tweaks and hacks.

In the marketing overkill department: Microsoft finds 100 reasons to upgrade.
Why pirated Vista has Microsoft champing at the BitTorrent.

Microsoft’s Live Points point the way to micropayments.

Intel shows off Penryn chips. Chip companies entering their metal period.

Yahoo: 36,147 people tell Hillary Clinton what to do.
Weekend blog skirmish: Robert Scoble says gadget sites don't provide links. Mayhem ensues.
Verizon 4Q Profit Falls, Tops Forecasts.
LinkedIn raises $12.8 million.
YouTube to pay for User Generated Content. YouTube: You Want (Google's) Ads With That?

to Buy Altiris for $830 Million
Borland to throw down Gauntlet in life cycle tools strategy
Is SOA better kept in the dark, or in the spotlight?
Davos recap.
Report: China's 4G wireless launch leapfrogs 3G.
PDAs in space.
IPO candidate NetSuite fires a shot at SAP.
Wii News Channel Launches: Video & Images.
Lenovo Goes 'Small' with Latest Desktop

Another Word zero-day bug used in attacks.
Inside the Lucasfilm data center. Images.

lets you open Word attachments in Google Docs.

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