News to know: Jobs live; Yahoo buys MyBlogLog

Notable headlines: Macworld:Jason O'Grady will be blogging Steve Jobs keynote speech live today at noon EST, 9 a.m.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 


Jason O'Grady will be blogging Steve Jobs keynote speech live today at noon EST, 9 a.m. PST. CNET roundup.
Cingular seen providing service for Apple phone: report. Initial WSJ report on deal: Subscription required.
Glance screen-sharing software now available for Macs.
Macworld Expo wishlist: everything.
ThinkSecret's Rumor recap.
Mac A to Z.
Macworld Expo: The Mac Gets Back into Business?
Will Apple bring social networking to iTunes?
Macworld: Site slip-up hints at 802.11n Airport Extreme.
Last Minute Macworld San Francisco Notes.
MacWorld: The Apple/Sony iDog
Apple's Next-Generation Themes.

Take the technology out of SOA, and see what you get.
Sprint profit under pressure, will cut 5,000 jobs
Microsoft exec called software developers 'pawns.'
Yahoo buys MyBlogLog. Techmeme discussion.
O Googlers, where art thou?
CES news and blogs:

Move over Zune. SanDisk may have gotten the WiFi music player thing just right.

1000 shots of CES?

Cisco looks for friends in consumer electronics.
No PC middleman is required with GE’s DECT 6.0 Skype phone.
Skype, you’ll always be a headset service first.
Mobile devices get updates with few new product announcements.

Microsoft and pals impose will on digital living room;
‘IT’ won’t work. Gates home server vision flawed, expensive.

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Congress off to slow start with tech.
SketchUp 6 released.
Should EMC and VMWare separate?
Q&A: Teradata exec says timing right for split from NCR.
Computers Join Actors in Hybrids On Screen.
Oracle enhances free migration tools.

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