News to know: Kanye West; Bing Visual Search; Quicken-Mint; Sprint; 802.11n, Intel

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Oliver Marks: Kayne West Influences Enterprise Social Business Strategy

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Bing gets visual search; full 2.0 update later this fall

Larry Dignan: It's official: Intuit buys Mint.com; Plans to keep Mint.com and Quicken Online

Sam Diaz: Sprint extends unlimited plan to businesses; Shares jump on acquisition rumors

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 802.11n ratified ... finally

Larry Dignan: Intel reshuffles its executive deck; Consolidates product divisions

Jennifer Bergen: Dell sells discounted Zune HD before it hits stores

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's sale of Alibaba.com stake opportunistic

Sam Diaz: Motorola bullish on Android, Motoblur rollout in 2010

Tom Foremski: Intel domination of microprcessor markets reaches a new 4 year high

Ed Bott: The Windows 7 upgrade survival guide

Christopher Dawson: Could Google Fast Flip get kids reading news again?

Tom Foremski: Intel domination of microprcessor markets reaches a new 4 year high

Richard Koman: Veoh wins copyright suit, brightening YouTube's future

Christopher Dawson: The Classmate is not a compromise

Robin Harris: 4 reasons NOT to upgrade to Snow Leopard today

Larry Dignan: Oracle to unveil Sun-based Exadata database machine

Heather Clancy: Fat Spaniel digs deeper into renewables with new software for solar plant operators

Sam Diaz: HP: New Quicklook, revamped Media Smart Server top fall product news

Mary Jo Foley: Gaming veteran Shane Kim to leave Microsoft

Phil Wainewright: Sage dresses SoSaaS in cloud clothing

Jennifer Leggio: Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

Andrew Nusca: Apple regroups for living room push; drops 40GB Apple TV, slashes 160GB price

Matthew Miller: Shortcovers has ePub ebooks for reading enjoyment on several platforms

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source loves profit

Sam Diaz: Google unlocks data restrictions, announces Data Liberation efforts

Andrew Nusca: TomTom debuts 5" XXL 530S, 540S GPS navigation devices

Joe McKendrick: Create, cut, create, cut: How to be a successful CIO in 18 easy steps

Dana Gardner: Open Group ramps up cloud and security activities as extension of boundaryless organization focus

Andrew Nusca: Pliant announces 'world's fastest enterprise SSDs'

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft pushes business users to start Windows 7 upgrades now

Matthew Miller: LG announces upcoming GW620 Google Android smartphone

Larry Dignan: EMC's Tucci will stick around through 2012

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Palm Pre, Pure Digital Flip Ultra camcorder, Magellan RoadMate GPS

Rachel King: Carl Zeiss unveils 18mm F3.5 lens for Canon DSLRs

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Security Essentials or Forefront: Which should a Windows user choose?

Richard Koman: Anonymity exposed, part deux: Google, ISPs ordered to expose academic dissidents

Rachel King: SanDisk releases Extreme Pro CompactFlash cards

Dave Greenfield: It's Official: Avaya Acquires Nortel Enterprise

Dana Blankenhorn: Lasker Awards show controversy of basic science

Larry Dignan: E-commerce sites: You have 2 seconds to load your Web pages

Dennis Howlett: Gen X/GenY/Enterprise 2.0: are the naysayers right?

Dana Blankenhorn: Would you march for Internet privacy?

Paul Greenberg: Brent Leary Expounds: The SMBs Rejoice

Larrry Dignan: Intuit's reported purchase of Mint: A fine defensive move

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Linux botweb story that wasn't ...

Jason Hiner: The 10 smartphones that emit the most radiation

Dan Kusnetzky: Conversation with Marathon Technologies

Sam Diaz: Sprint lures two from Verizon; new 'unlimited' plan seals deal

Andrew Nusca: Can ultrathin laptop David beat the netbook Goliath?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 20 hours to upgrade Windows 7 ... maybe, but it's a fringe case

Jason Hiner: Deploy metrics to revolutionize business processes

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