News to know: LinkedIn revamp; Can enterprise software be sexy?; Apple; R.I.P. Marc Orchant

Notable headlines:Rest in Peace Marc Orchant.  Techmeme.
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Notable headlines:

Rest in Peace Marc OrchantTechmeme. I'd like to share with you the two life lessons Marc Orchant taught me. We will all miss Marc.

LinkedIn revamps interface, opens API.

On Sunday a big debate of enterprise software broke out.  Can enterprise software be sexy? Robert Scoble kicked off the debate with a post noting that enterprise software isn't sexy.

The debate:

Jason O'Grady: Live from Apple store opening: West 14th NYC. David Morgenstern: Believe it: Sherlock is really, really dead.

When more bugs can mean tighter security

TechCrunch: The twice shy entrepreneur.

Photos: Low priced digital cameras (right).

Matthew Miller: QuickOffice Premier 4.5 is essential in turning your S60 device into a multimedia computer.

Michael Krigsman: Data loss CEOs should go to jail. Microsoft FolderShare data loss bug in shipping product.

Larry Dignan: Facebook user survey highlights insecurity over Beacon fiasco.

Computerworld: Iranians claim to build Opteron-based supercomputer.

Christopher Dawson: OLPC backlash continues

Garett Rogers: Wikia looking to topple Google, but will fail miserably. Google OpenSocial APIs not ready for the dance

Russell Shaw: Here's why teachers who ban Wikipedia are misguided.

Daily Tech: ASUS calms fears over Eee PC.

Roland Piquepaille: New oil-repelling material from MIT. Nanorobots for drug delivery?

Heather Clancy: IBM's renewable energy usage revelation

. Some perspective on the data center power problem

Richard Koman: Dept of Energy labs hacked by phisher. New York Times: China link suspected in lab hacking.

Reviews of the week (right).

Mary Jo Foley: How are Microsoft's FeedSync and Sync Framework related? Here's that Windows Vista service-pack blocker tool. Microsoft architect compares Volta and Google's GWT.

Chris Matyszczyk: Are the people telling Google it's time for a redesign?

Acer offers upbeat sales forecast

Robin Harris: Surveillance cuts both ways.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Cult of Kindle. David Berlind: Second Kindle bug hits (not a crash this time) and how Amazon will 'patch' Kindles.

Phil Wainewright: Salesforce to Salesforce, the anti-viral network

Joe McKendrick: Intel uses SOA to chip away at integration, project management issue.

Dana Blankenhorn: Can Sourceforge marketplace open the cash drawer? Patent troll hits medical tablets.

Ryan Naraine: Autonomy threatens legal action over vulnerability alert

Why PCs aren't pricey anymore

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