News to know: Linux galore; Black Hat Europe; Vista reliability; Google and censorship

Notable headlines:Paula Rooney: Microsoft partners with open source Jaspersoft, SourcesenseUbuntu's Shuttleworth: Linux server, client will be big in the cloud and mobile sectorsRed Hat CEO: We haven't done a good enough job as an industry leader, or project leaderOSBC: Acquia to launch this fall "Carbon" social web publishing system based on DrupalGroundWork launches enterprise edition, version 5.2 upgradeDana Blankenhorn: Does open source need a Micro-cop?

Notable headlines:

Paula Rooney: Microsoft partners with open source Jaspersoft, Sourcesense

Nate McFeters: Blackhat Europe, Day 1: The Waag, the Bulldog, a

nd web application hacking. Gallery (right). Paul Murphy: Security metrics and issues

Larry Dignan: Google's proxy: Internet censorship; Schmidt's security detail

Is DoubleClick a profit margin killer for Google?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft delivers yet another updated XP SP3 RC 2 test build

David Morgenstern: Troubleshooting Mac OS X software issues

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Analyzing 3 months of Vista reliability data

Dana Blankenhorn: The joy of Russell

Robin Harris: Massive memory servers

Steve O'Hear: Microsoft in "spam" partnership with five social networks

George Ou: 55W PC power supply powering the dual-core computer

Matthew Miller: Is Microsoft looking to bring Office to the iPhone? Ryan Stewart: Does the iPhone count as a "desktop"?

blist rolling out a bunch of new features

Jason O'Grady: Circumventing iPod's FairPlay DRM

TechCrunch: Defection Watch: Google's Director of Social Media Decides It's More Social at Facebook

AP: New entry in space tourism industry

Paul Miller: Semantic Web Gang forms, debates Semantic Web 'readiness'

Dennis Howlett: TopCoder: breaking the development cost rules

Citigroup says Microsoft likely to raise Yahoo offer

Joshua Greenbaum: The Eternal Floppy Disk: The Icon that Never Dies

Dana Gardner: Elastra emerges to make cloud computing more attainable for enterprises

IBM moves to expedite mashups for mobile

Hitwise: Facebook traffic back to Christmas peak

Turkey blocks Web site over insults to country's founder

Michael Krigsman: More on dinosaurs and extinction

Modu claims lightest mobile phone; Will you buy it? Photos: Modu named world's lightest phone

O'Hear: imeem brings licensed music to the Platform party

Ed Burnette: Microsoft, Apple, and the death of the desktop

Roland Piquepaille: VR game to help burn patients

Josh Taylor: Turn your PC into the ultimate DVD changer


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