News to know: Macworld, Motorola, Dell, TiVo, Redbox, Win7, Buzz

Macworld 2010 and Motorola top today's headlines
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Sam Diaz: Macworld 2010: Without Apple, there really isn't much there

Larry Dignan: Motorola to split into two independent companies in 2011

Andrew Nusca: Dell acquires KACE; expands systems management to mid-size business

Sean Portnoy: Is TiVo readying refreshed UI, new hardware to announce at March 2 event?

Larry Dignan: Redbox rocks: Revenue soars; Sees big growth ahead

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to push new piracy-detection update to Windows 7 users

Jason Perlow: What the Buzz? Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!!!

Doug Hanchard: Iran bans use of Gmail; Can Venezuela be far behind?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Update causing BSoD for some XP users

Heather Clancy: Residential solar organization snags $5 million in venture funds

Rachel King: Five Valentine's Day gifts for your geeky special someone

Andrew Nusca: HP's new green data center collects rainwater, cools with natural wind

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #197; Buzz, Android, and mobile Office talk

Larry Dignan: Blizzard shuts down Feds due to telework cluelessness

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft halts Windows Update distribution of security fix after blue-screen reports

Tom Foremski: The drive for a new supercomputer architecture will change the IT industry

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 2003: The year iTunes caught Microsoft "a bit flat footed again"

Heather Clancy: HP's wind-cooled data center in the U.K. officially flips switch

Sam Diaz: Google updates Chrome for Mac, adds extensions

Larry Dignan: SAP's Schwarz resigns

Joe McKendrick: McKinsey: IT should lead lean initiatives

Sean Portnoy: Lenovo's new C315 all-in-one PC begs the question: Who's buying these things?

Andrew Nusca: Lenovo unveils G455, G555 laptops: AMD chips, ATi graphics, $449

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The blog post that tells us nothing about Windows 8/Windows.next

Dana Blankenhorn: Golden age of population studies from health IT

CNET: Windows patch causes blue screen of death for some

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft provides a first look at the Ribbonized Office for Mac 2011

Matthew Miller: Garmin nuvifone A50 Android and M10 Windows Mobile devices announced

Christopher Dawson: Hey, Google! My school will take a bit of that broadband

Dana Gardner: Smart Grid for data centers better manages electricity to slash IT energy spending, frees-up wasted capacity

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat accelerates race to the clouds

Heather Clancy: Can your IT services firm handle your tech recycling or refurbishment needs?

Dan Kusnetzky: Cisco Media Solutions Group - Terracotta Customer Profile

Larry Dignan: Q&A: IBM's Alistair Rennie on the big picture for Lotus

Matthew Miller: myTouch 3G Fender may be sold out, new myTouch 3G launches

Dana Blankenhorn: Digium, Google and the end of the phone network

Rachel King: Understanding white balance settings on a digital camera

Dan Kusnetzky: Out of the blue messages

ZDNet UK: Early-adopter criminals embrace cloud

CNET: Gmail blocked in Iran ahead of protests?

Heather Clancy: Got green tech? Uptime Institute seeks green IT awards entries

Sam Diaz: What to expect at Macworld 2010. Without Apple, it's tough to say

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