News to know: March Madness, Chrome beta, Sony-Google, Android

Larry Dignan: March Madness meets IT: We're guinea pigsMatthew Miller: Follow all the March Madness action on your mobile phoneGarett Rogers: Google releases new beta version of ChromeAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Google Chrome 2.0 Beta - Fast.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Larry Dignan: March Madness meets IT: We're guinea pigs

Garett Rogers: Google releases new beta version of Chrome

Sam Diaz: Sony partners with Google to battle Amazon for eBook readers

Matthew Miller: Three more HTC Google Android devices coming in 2009

Mary Jo Foley: Ballmer: Only one meeting so far with Yahoo's Bartz

David Morgenstern: Takeover Fever: The Apple-Sun saga

Larry Dignan: Palm CEO: WebOS bigger than just the Pre base

Christopher Dawson: Are we responsible for content filtering at home?

Andrew Nusca: Google Street View launches in U.K.

Robin Harris: Cisco's bong-sized "cloud"

Matthew Miller: Should Villanueva have posted to Twitter during NBA halftime?

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Kumo, Yah: Microsoft Planning a 'Set Change' in Search

Mary Jo Foley: Tit for tat: TomTom sues Microsoft for patent infringement

Jason D. O'Grady: iPhone 3.0 v. Android feature by feature

Dion Hinchcliffe: Sharepoint and Enterprise 2.0: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Sam Diaz: New Gmail features gives users a chance to Undo Send

Tom Foremski: IBM bid for Sun could be a blocking move

Joe McKendrick: Open source middleware: the time may be ripe

Ryan Naraine: Questions for Pwn2Own hacker Charlie Miller

Zack Whittaker: Day in the life of... a laid off tech support

Sam Diaz: Note to newspapers: I can't read what you don't sell

Ed Bott: IE8 focuses on usability

Dana Blankenhorn: Proprietary advantage the argument against health IT?

Paula Rooney: Schwartz: Sun is world's largest open source company

Harry Fuller: Polar bear now has friends in high places

Richard Koman: Conficker Cabal fights threat to security, Internet

Dana Blankenhorn: Texas Democrats push ODF standard

Andrew Nusca: Turbo.264 HD speeds conversion of HD, AVCHD video on Mac

Dana Blankenhorn: Will HIPAA changes torpedo health IT stimulus?

Jason D. O'Grady: Multiple core iPhone processor announced (Updated)

Andrew Nusca: Twitter premium account hoax fools Twitterverse

Dana Blankenhorn: Foster plan for open source education

Jason D. O'Grady: MacBook and Safari succumb to hackers

ZDNet Asia: 'Controlled cloud' the way to go for security

Andrew Nusca: Rackable CloudRack operates in 104-degree data centers

Joe McKendrick: SOA without service-enabled applications?

Matthew Miller: Mobile Firefox (aka Fennec) beta 1 now available for testing

Larry Dignan: The race to 99.999 percent uptime: 3Tera ups the cloud SLA ante

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's morning deals: Sony Cyber-shot, HP Pavilion laptop, Samsung Blu-ray

Larry Dignan: SAS preps cloud computing facility; Bets on on-demand BI

Paul Greenberg: Sword Ciboodle - Yes, That's Their Real Name

Larry Dignan: Cisco Flips for Pure Digital; Acquires it for $590 million

Harry Fuller: White House becoming Green House?

Zack Whittaker: IE8 released at Mix; will it cripple the web-user experience?

Polly Schneider Traylor: 10 ways to be a good manager during a recession

Dan Kusnetzky: ClearCube simplifying VDI adoption

Sean Portnoy: Sony to expand its line of Bravia RHT-G HDTV stands with built-in speaker systems

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