News to know: Microsoft; Apple vs. Psystar; Google; SAP; Smartphone attacks

Google, Apple, smartphone wars and the latest in SAP maintenance fees are today's headliners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Ed Bott: Is it OK to use OEM Windows on your own PC? Don't ask Microsoft

Dancho Danchev: Man-in-the-middle attacks demoed on 4 smartphones

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple nukes Psystar

Jason Perlow: My First Week With DROID

Larry Dignan: Google Book Settlement revised; Open Book Alliance pans it as mere 'nip and tuck'

IBM launches private business analytics cloud; Eyes 'easily consumable' BI for the masses

Sam Diaz: Intuit launches Customer Manager, a CRM tool targeted at small businesses

Garett Rogers: Is imminent Chrome OS launch reckless?

Photos: Top-rated reviews of the week (right)

Dennis Howlett: Another chapter starts to unfold in the SAP maintenance story

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft admits its GPL violation; will reissue Windows 7 tool under open-source license

Tech M&A accelerates: Will the No. 2 and No. 3 players sell out or compete?

UMPC Portal: Sponsorship-supported Crunchpad is alive.  ‘Steamrolling’ says Arrington.

Jason O'Grady: Chemical detection? There's an app for that

Matthew Miller: Who needs an Office app? Google Docs, Calendar & more all work on Nokia N900

Sean Portnoy: Best Buy Black Friday ad leaks online. Here are the HDTV and Blu-ray deals.

NYT: Apple Wouldn't Risk Its Cool Over a Gimmick, Would It?

Phil Wainewright: Can the Economist entirely be trusted?

Christopher Dawson: My new daughter is a lot like Linux

Brian Sommer: Before you do that BPO, Audit, Consulting or other services deal, check out these costs

Heather Clancy: Verne Global pledges greener cloud: No cost premium attached

Dignan: Android army keeps growing as Dell enlists; Will the mobile OS war follow PC history?

Gadget Lab: Verizon Won't Offer Free Tethering But Droid Hackers Might (Updated)

Jason O'Grady: AT&T responds to Verizon Wireless ads

Google increases potential of Google Voice with Gizmo5 acquisition

Nusca: Gunnar Optiks Legend eyeglasses reduces eye fatigue for some; offer Top Gun look for all [review]

Joe McKendrick: IT project risk aversion 101

Doug Hanchard: Life insurance may prove difficult to get if you contract H1N1

Zack Whittaker: Windows 7's first 100 days: So how were yours?

Dennis Howlett: Oracle consulting layoffs: but what's the number?

Harry Fuller: Geoengineering warning to Congress

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Friday Challenge: What's your take on OS/browser market share trends?

Christopher Dawson: From the ashes of Geode, AMD brings Bobcat with 1:1 possibilities

Foley: Office 2010 Beta 2 bits leak to the Web

Dan Kusnetzky:Engine problems create travel adventure

Verizon to test sending RIAA copyright warnings

Paul Murphy: An interesting exchange on politics and IT

Gallery: Board games on the iPhone

Rachel King: Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Zune video coming to Xbox LIVE

Dana Blankenhorn: Groklaw suggests Microsoft sue, do over authentication

The stupid network will get a hearing

I'm in a nanny state state of mind

Google: Firms can get rid of Office in a year

Where does HP's Procurve line go post 3Com?

National Journal Online: The Cyberwar Plan  —  IT'S NOT JUST A DEFENSIVE GAME …

Tom Foremski: Public healthcare could spur Silicon Valley innovation and create jobs

Smart Planet: Interactive TV builds literacy skills among low-income kids

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