News to know: Microsoft flaw; AMD; IBM; Cloud computing

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Don't dawdle on Microsoft latest batch of patchesAMD loses $1.77 billion in December quarterBits: IBM: A separate realityDan Farber: Salesforce.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Don't dawdle on Microsoft latest batch of patches

AMD loses $1.77 billion in December quarter

Bits: IBM: A separate reality

Dan Farber: ascends to the cloud. Phil Wainewright: Enterprise SaaS and the cloud

InSTEDD applies Web 2.0 to help save lives

Ryan Stewart: Smallworld: The coolest Flex application I've ever seen

Garett Rogers: iGoogle theme API released

BTL podcast: Macbook Air, BEA, MySQL, SAP and more....

David Morgenstern: Mouse inventor sighted at Macworld Expo.

Dragon speech recognition comes to the Mac

Photos: Messenger reveals a new side of Mercury

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft bends over backwards to prove there's an 'open' in OOXML Another Microsoft manager jumps from the Live Search ship.

Microsoft replaces one Scott with another as CIO

Jason O'Grady: What is the demographic for the MacBook Air?

TechCrunch: Blogger suffers major outage

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Weird ATi Catalyst 8.1 bug

California task force urges broadband bonds

Dennis Howlett: Dell XPS or MacBook Air: the shock of your life

Russell Shaw: Yes, the MacBook Air is light. But so what-Dell XPS is a better deal on price

Christopher Dawson: To standardize or not to standardize

Josh Taylor: Is your broadband bill about to go up? Russell Shaw: To fight Time Warner Cable's download pricing plans, we need a bit of "Nanny State"

Should AT&T police the Internet?

Slate: Has AT&T lost its mind?

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source health care gets its day

Matthew Miller: HP iPAQ 210 PDA starts shipping for US$449

Top 10 mistakes when implementing SOA projects

Gizmodo: Change your systems settings and watch iTunes rentals forever

Poll: Businesses in U.S. warm to Vista

ArsTechnica: Exonerated RIAA defendant scores double victory in court

Larry Dignan: Yahoo puts its heft behind OpenID 2.0 OpenID 2.0 and Yahoo: The security angle. Techmeme

Joshua Greenbaum: M&A Day: Winners

and Losers Dana Blankenhorn: What do the database deals mean?

Photos: Library of Congress uploads to Flickr

Dana Gardner: IBM and Kapow on how enterprises exploit application mashups and lightweight data access

Joe McKendrick: Could uncertain times be a boon for SOA?

Engadget: Survey finds Apple users have sense of superiority Heather Clancy: TerraPass targets businesses with latest offset program

U.K. seeks ways to stop militant grooming on Web

Doing philanthropy the Google way

Report fuels OpenOffice vs. OOXML debate