News to know: Microsoft; IBM; SuccessFactors; Pluto images

Microsoft's patch day and mobile strategy, SuccessFactors, IBM, latest images of Pluto and working robots headline Friday's headlines.
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News to know: Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft's Mega Patch Tuesday ahead

Larry Dignan: SuccessFactors makes first acquisition; Buys Inform for $40.5 million

IBM hits graphene transistor breakthrough

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft schedules 12 Windows Phone sessions for Mix 10 conference

Mark Cuban: Why Have So Many Internet People Lost Touch With Reality ?

Microsoft, NSF team to provide research in the cloud

Sam Diaz: Google Store View: Imagine the possibilities, concerns

Gallery: Most-detailed images of Pluto revealed

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Toyota's Prius problems: Software, hardware and the future of motoring

NYT: Microsoft's Creative Destruction

U.S. House passes cybersecurity research bill

Pondering a robot as co-worker

Dion Hinchcliffe: SAP's 12Sprints joins the social enterprise bandwagon

Dana Gardner: Real-time web data services in action at German stock exchange

Heather Clancy: Green Grid prepping new efficiency estimator, power calculator

Paula Rooney: Is mobile Firefox going to be too late?

IBM launches Lotus Symphony 3 beta; Office alternatives pile up

Google: WWII historical imagery in Google Earth

Rachel King: Inbrics bringing ultra-thin, Android-based MID M1 slider phone to MWC 2010

Tom Foremski: Classified ads plunge to $6bn from $19.6bn in 2000

Sean Portnoy: Gateway recharges its FX gaming desktops with Core i7 CPUs, Radeon HD 5850 graphics

NYT: Sun's Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation

Sam Diaz: AT&T says 3G is ready for streaming Sling video. Really?

Michael Krigsman: Analyst relations: Failure in action

Top 30 iPad games we'd like to see (right)

Let compliance lead the way in preventing healthcare data breaches

Jason O'Grady: Browser previews come to App Store

Aussie ISP, Pirate Party win BitTorrent file-sharing case

Dignan: Lenovo sales surge; Company hits stride in third quarter

Computerworld: Sony interested in challenging Apple's iPad

Dan Kusnetzky: Swype text entry for smart handhelds

PaidContent: Comcast-NBCU Hearings: Zucker Confronted About Hulu's Boxee Block

Christopher Dawson: SMS, social media in for kids; blogging, Twitter out

Dana Blankenhorn: Crossing the line to the Internet Generation

Make-or-buy balance still unclear in 2011 Defense and Veteran budgets

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