News to know: Microsoft; Oracle; SAP; Vista SP1 video

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft mashes up multiple natural-user-interface inputsHow will Microsoft spend its multicore millions?More details emerge on the Microsoft SphereLarry Dignan: The future of computing: Multiple cores, multiple inputsRyan Naraine: Evilgrade: Exploit toolkit pwns insecure online updatesOracle ships emergency workaround for zero-day exploitSafari browser flaw: Session fixation attacks possibleDennis Howlett: More dissent on SAP maintenance price hikeNews.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft mashes up multiple natural-user-interface inputs

Ryan Naraine: Evilgrade: Exploit toolkit pwns insecure online updates

Dennis Howlett: More dissent on SAP maintenance price hike Oracle amends SAP TomorrowNow suit

Video: Remove all remnants of the Windows Vista SP1 installation files

Dana Blankenhorn: Can open source kick-start the hardware hobbyist market?

Heather Clancy: Diminutive green server for those with Linux leaning

Joe McKendrick: At Open Group: business and government face similar SOA growth pains

Photos: Virgin Galactic's faces of Eve

Sam Diaz: What's good for satellite radio isn't necessarily good for satellite TV - yet.

Larry Dignan: Verizon's wireless business shines; 'Comfortable' with FiOS adds

Jennifer Leggio: Mozilla engineering executive moves to Facebook team

Phil Wainewright: Enterprises go live with SaaS in under 30 days

Atlanta Constitution Journal: EarthLink returns to dial-up for its future

Computerworld: Rumor: MacBook updates to include glass trackpad, other goodies

Nate McFeters: Airport security part 6: Skimming at airport kiosks

Dave Greenfield: Software that Makes Your Company More Entrepenuerial

Matthew Miller: What are your favorite road warrior tips, tricks, and tools?

Webware: Cuil shows us how not to launch a search engine

Gallery: Cuil searches--hits and misses

Ryan Stewart: Interactive agencies, RIAs, and the advertising market

Paula Rooney: Microsoft makes pledges to support Apache, PHP, Ruby

Dana Gardner: Cast Iron rolls out updated appliance to ease SaaS-to-enterprise integration

Roland Piquepaille: A microscope measuring picometers

Kingsley-Hughes: Can Apple hope to defeat the 'Attack of the Clones'?

Infinite Loop: iPhone, App Store problems causing more than just headaches

Mark Cuban: How to Jumpstart the Economy - Tax Free Small Businesses

Zack Whittaker: Digital cameras and forgotten memories

Washington Post: Who Should Solve This Internet Crisis?

Dana Blankenhorn: Will local control lead to better health?

Andrew Nusca: 'World's Most Eco Friendly External Drive' released

Michael Krigsman: Amazon's S3 post-mortem demonstrates maturity

IBM pads software lineup; Buys ILOG for $340 million

Christopher Dawson: Google Knol - Yup, it's a Wikipedia killer

Dan Kusnetzky: The magic commoditizing virtual machine manager