News to know: Microsoft predictions; XO en route; IBM; Palm

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: What's on Microsoft's agenda for 2008? Mary Jo's top 10 at right.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: What's on Microsoft's age

nda for 2008? Mary Jo's top 10 at right. Guess prediction 10.

Dan Farber: ZDNet 2007: What the tag cloud tells us

ZoneAlarm toolbar bundle raises a ruckus

George Ou: Capital One customers experience data corruption

Mac versus Windows vulnerability stats for 2007

David Morgenstern: FileMaker fixes serious Leopard 'compatibility issues' for older versions

Larry Dignan: Your XO laptop is about to land

Palm: We're going to lose a bundle next quarter too

NetSuite ups its IPO price range

IBM's powwow:

Chris Matyszczyk: Will co-habitation be a new business for Facebook? Mark Cuban: My new Facebook strategy

Paul Allen applies to bid in U.S. wireless auction

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Give your PC the gift of security

Michael Krigsman: Colorado decertifies voting machines

Techmeme: RIP Web 2.0 office suites? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: On the test bench - AMD 'Spider' Phenom 9600-based system

Xbox Live - The Unbanning

Going green with DC power

Greening your office for the new year

Dennis Howlett: I'm a weirdo, I live in The Cloud Ryan Stewart: Why build desktop applications? Because no one has heard of your browser application

Russell Shaw: How about using an endoscopic webcam with Skype? TorrentSpy loses copyright lawsuit

eWeek: Beware IE cache on public terminal

Michael Krigsman: Sun Microsystems' Jonathan Schwartz on CIO / CTO differences

Garett Rogers: Google may have finally figured out what to do with Google Apps

Kara Swisher: Here comes another bubble

Roland Piquepaille: Commercial brain computer systems are coming

Nintendo sees strong DS sales, frown

s on Wii bundles

Photos: Science museum begins exhibit installations (right).

Dana Blankenhorn: For 2008 expect more Linux applications

Desktop Linux most popular topic of 2007

Christopher Dawson: Great tutorial on using forms with PHP

Paula Rooney: SugarCRM 5 sweetens the deal with on-demand service, AJAX e-mail

Google: New advanced news search. Video site maps.

Matthew Miller: HanDBase 4.0 mobile database application released with major updates

Joe McKendrick: Five great unsolved mysteries of SOA

Heather Clancy: More companies painting their IT green-er How much power should a server at rest consume?

Ryan Stewart: Microsoft Tafiti opens the source code door

Russell Shaw: Google Android apps surface: cool but I need to see more

AP: Facebook settles text messaging suit.

Sony Reader felled by the classics

Intel: Fewer European start-ups getting funded

NPD: Apple launch of Leopard system its best ever

Forbes: The Web Celeb 25