News to know: Microsoft's social bookmarking; Google vs. Viacom; Adventures in Linux; Facebook

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to showcase social bookmarking at TechEdLarry Dignan: Google: Viacom's YouTube lawsuit threatens DMCA. Full complaint.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to showcase social bookmarking at TechEd

Larry Dignan: Google: Viacom's YouTube lawsuit threatens DMCA. Full complaint. Techmeme

Ed Bott: Why is fear-mongering such a popular security sales tactic?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Adventures with open source apps on Linux - Part 1

Dancho Danchev: Open source software security improving

Joe McKendrick: Tension emerges between SOA and mashup camps

TechCrunch: Facebook To Open Source Facebook Platform

Christopher Dawson: Google vs. educational databases

And score 1 more for Google in Ed Tech

Roland Piquepaille: Buses as mobile sensing platforms? Bugs harmed by nuclear radiation? Automated recognition of online images

Matthew Miller: Mobile software Monday: 4Smartphone hosted Exchange with mobile device clients

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right)

Larry Dignan: Solid State Drives: Samsung may accelerate adoption just in time for Xmas

Jason O'Grady: Rumor: Tablet Mac coming this fall (updated 5x)

Kingsley-Hughes: What to expect from Steve Jobs at WWDC '08

Long Zheng: Windows 7 to make appearance at D6 Conference

Michael Krigsman: Twitter: An IT failures management perspective

Harry Fuller: Fayetteville becomes center of "Green Valley"

NASA's live feed vs. Discovery Science: And the winner is... Gallery: First photos from Mars landing (right above)

Dana Blankenhorn: Don't expect a flood of Mac open source

ReadWriteWeb: New York Times API Coming Sometimes Crowds Aren't That Wise Paypal has been terribly broken for 10 days and no one's talking about it.

Dennis Howlett: Firescope crushes the BSM price point

Jason O'Grady: Gallery: Create your own black iPhone Images right.

Joshua Greenbaum: Siebel 2.0 -- A Year Later

Garett Rogers: Peter Norvig on Google's mistrust of machine learning

Denise Howell: Section 230 to Twitter and others: Delete away

Richard Koman: NY commits to open formats as MSFT supports ODF

Dana Gardner: Microsoft opens philosophical can of worms with Live Search Cashback

Ryan Stewart: The Day Google Erased Me From the Internet - Why I Want Microsoft to Be Competitive in Search

Janice Chen: How does the new Pentax Optio W60 stack up against Olympus waterproof digital cameras?

Rik Fairlie: Actiontec launches a DSL modem/router combo