News to know: NASA hack; Netbooks; Green IT

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Debunking yet another bogus malware studyDancho Danchev: Phoenix Mars Lander's mission site hackedRobin Harris: Mac Time Machine: backup for the rest of us?Christopher Dawson: Waiting for the right netbooksNews.
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Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Debunking yet another bogus malware study

Dancho Danchev: Phoenix Mars Lander's mission site hacked

Robin Harris: Mac Time Machine: backup for the rest of us?

Christopher Dawson: Waiting for the right netbooks

News.com: Intel ready with Atom processors for low-cost notebooks

Heather Clancy: Forrester: More big companies starting to walk their green tech talkLarry Dignan: Michael Dell's 2008 compensation almost halved, but security tab remains

Roland Piquepaille: Supercomputer performs prostate surgery

Adobe’s Acrobat.com could be an Office killer; Will interface matter?
Screenshots: Adobe's Acrobat.com office suite (right). Ryan Stewart: Adobe merging desktop and Web

David Morgenstern: Apple releases Mac OS X Leopard Security Guide

Zack Whitaker: Google Code University opens its doors to free CS content

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft to put Live Search Toolbar in front of millions of HP consumer

Microsoft inks HP search deal; How many consumers will change the default?

Ars Technica: New HP-Microsoft Live Search deal is all about Silverlight

AP: Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use

Mary Jo Foley: MinWin: Is it or isn't it part of Windows 7?

Paul Murphy: Oddball thinking about OOP

Oliver Marks: Email is the enemy

Ed Burnette: Jason Chen answers questions about Android

Joe McKendrick: JBOGS - Just a Bunch of Governed Services

Andrew Nusca: Asus Eee Box a thick white slice of cheap computing heaven

Engadget Mobile: Verizon slide deck reveals Verizon i770, Palm 800w, fun facts

Kingsley-Hughes: BlackBerry shows iPhone who's the boss - But for how long?

InformationWeek: Windows 7 Testing Must Start ASAP, Microsoft Warns Hardware Makers

TechRepublic: Sanity check: Is Apple's sway over the media and tech now complete?

Video: Five services you can turn off in Windows Server 2003

Dennis Howlett: Aqilla mashes Google with accounting

Steve O'Hear: fbOpen: Facebook open-sources its Platform

CBS online video player to add social features to help sell ads

Jason Perlow: Get Out!

Ed Burnette: Android will be 100% open source, says Google Dana Blankenhorn: Time for LiMo and Android to stop talking

NYT: Electronic Device Stirs Unease at Book FairPhil Wainewright: NetSuite cuddles up with OpenAir buy

Mary Jo Foley: Dynamics AX 2009: The 'Halo' for Microsoft's app platform

Dana Blankenhorn: Space Shuttle tech works on brain tumors

Matthew Miller: Mobile software Monday: eWallet 6 for Windows Mobile; bonus Ilium Software 11th birthday contests too. Gallery right.

Christopher Dawson: Do video games actually have a place in school?

Nvidia launches Tegra, HD computer on a chip

Flock adds support for Digg, Pownce and AOL Webmail

Tom Foremski: San Jose's hipster festival: Zero 1 - Art on the Edge

Dan Kusnetzky:StackSafe and the Permeable Sandbox

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