News to know: Nook delay; eBay; Kindle sales; Oracle; T-Mobile iPhone; Apple's Black Friday

A delay for Nook shipments, a fine for eBay in French courts and Kindle sales are among the top headlines.
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Matthew Miller: Nook not shipping today as planned, 2 free offers to make up for delay

Sam Diaz: French court fines eBay over injunction; eBay responds

Larry Dignan: Amazon: Kindle has best sales month; Still mum on real figures

Dana Gardner: The more Oracle says MySQL not worth much, the more its actions say otherwise

Sam Diaz: Analyst: The iPhone's next carrier is likely T-Mobile, not Verizon

Larry Dignan: Apple's Black Friday sales under analysts' microscope

Sean Portnoy: Self-censoring upcoverting DVD player filters inappropriate content

Heather Clancy: Will you or won't you (print that document)?

Janice Chen: Giving a Flip camcorder for the holidays? Get a $25 accessory for free

Sam Diaz: Facebook 50: Proof that social media strategies do matter

Joe McKendrick: Do companies have too much CRM and not enough common sense?

Andrew Nusca: SmartPlanet: Underground data center will save $561K, heat homes in Helsinki

Doug Hanchard: Rappers warning witnesses away from murder trial go to jail

Zack Whittaker: Rip out my eyes: The Family Guy adverts

Mary Jo Foley: SQL Server 2008 R2 gets an official due date

Gizmodo: LEAK: The Google Phone "Is a Certainty"

Harry Fuller: Ten greentech trends for 2010

Andrew Nusca:Cyber Monday deals: Intel Core i7 laptop, free Droid Eris, GPS, SSD, HDTV

Dana Blankenhorn: Successful emergency room automation is possible

John Carroll: Reinvigorating Microsoft's mobile strategy

Larry Dignan: E-commerce spending off to good start; Will it last?

Tom Foremski: Is Turkey's search engine a backlash against US Internet firms?

Harry Fuller: Don't bother finding Tuvalu on a map. It may be gone soon.

GigaOm: Droid Nears Its Million-Device Target

Jason D. O'Grady: Where to find the apps featured in Apple's ads (updated)

Ryan Naraine: New ransomware attack blocks Internet access

Jason D. O'Grady: Stolen iPhones being fenced in Russia

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Why Microsoft pulled the plug on the Win 7/Family Guy promo - Because it was lame

ZDNet UK: Large Hadron Collider sets record

Doug Hanchard: European Parliament announces new President and Foreign Affairs Minister

Dana Blankenhorn: A psychological contagion of myth and suspicion

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft updates its enterprise ABC (Active Directory, BizTalk and Communications Server) roadmaps

Andrew Nusca: HTC Hero runs Android 2.1, in leaked screenshots

Dana Blankenhorn: Can Chrome OS save us from racket ware?

Dennis Howlett: Cloudy issues around risk: the large enterprise user perspective

Silicon.com: R&D bursts onto the Bangalore scene

Dana Blankenhorn: Pushing Google's leavings

Rachel King: Smartbook AG gets some Swarovski baubles plus higher price tag

CNET: Apple sues power adapter knockoff maker

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source is not about Wall Street

Dan Kusnetzky: Virtualization software market to top $10B by 2013

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