News to know: NTP is back; iUnlock; VMWorld; $50 DVD burner;

Notable headlines:Robin Harris: Build a $50 DVD burner.Larry Dignan: NTP: We sue the (wireless) world.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Robin Harris: Build a $50 DVD burner.

Larry Dignan: NTP: We sue the (wireless) world.

George Ou: Sun shows 2U 16-core Barcelona server with FSB1600. David Berlind: Insight into why Europeans get multi-factor authentication and we don't. Microsoft awarded patent for watermarking form of DRM. But can it really work?

David Morgenstern: Dell and the wish for Apple’s cool. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Updated. Jason O'Grady: Let the unlocking begin!

Engadget: iUnlock released: the first free, open source iPhone SIM unlock software. Matthew Miller: Software unlock your Apple iPhone for free.

Running the numbers on Vista.

VMWare: Not just hypervisor revenue.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft firms up its Viridian hypervisor rollout plans. Citrix and Microsoft make nice at VMWorld. Larry Dignan: Virtualization: The emerging hardware vs. OS bundle debate. Dana Blankenhorn: Citrix' strategy is your moment of Xen.

Gallery: PowerPod is green and mod (right). Heather Clancy: ATEN building germ-fighting keyboards. Harry Fuller: BioFuels: now what? Making PCs p.c. in the green world.

Ryan Naraine: Critical Microsoft Agent flaw hits Windows 2000. Richard Stiennon: First hacking tools, now key words are outlawed.

Larry Dignan: The $150 laptop saga: Where's this mystery laptop?

Dave Greenfield: Project Management Gets Chat.

Garett Rogers: Google accidentally leaks Google Reader orientation video. Dave Greenfield: Google to Integrate its Social Applications. Techmeme. Paula Rooney: IBM to lift lid on its OpenOffice plans next week. Dana Blankenhorn: Can IBM put OpenOffice over the top? Can new Solaris beat Linux in server market?

Kara Swisher: How High Can You Count: New Facebook Fundraising? CIO’s fourth quarter IT hiring outlook steady.

News.com: Intel 45nm fab to open in 45 days. Gallery: Barcelona's big day. News.com: AjaxWindows: Most interesting Web OS experiment yet. HP hopes for some Disney marketing magic.

AP: TI narrows 3Q forecast. Joshua Greenbaum: Cap'n Google: Blind Leading the Blind, or a New Vision for Google Apps?

Apple 2.0: Report: Price Cut Bumped iPhone Sales Three-Fold. BT launches free business tools. David Berlind: Could other ISPs follow BT's free Web biz-app offering, thus challenging Salesforce, others?

Photos: Solar-powered UAV flies and flies (left).

Joe McKendrick: Are mashups the new 'Java'?

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