News to know: Office 2010; Dell; Moon tech; Apple; Software buyer's bill of rights

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage.

Ed Bott: Office 2010 makes splashy debut

Foley: Take two: Microsoft says business licensees to get Windows 7 bits on September 1

Larry Dignan: Dell's analyst meeting: Looking for vision

Apple is 'doing just fine at wrecking the wireless business'

Michael Krigsman: Evaluating the enterprise software buyer's 'Bill of Rights'

Bloomberg: Netflix Advances on Speculation of Buyout Offer From Amazon.com

HP aims to pitch print services - guaranteed

GigaOm: Verizon to Mobile Developers: Can You Hear Me Now?

ForresterDeduplication market undergoes rapid changes

Dancho DanchevImageShack hacked by anti-full disclosure movement

NYT: Facebook Employees and Investors Can Finally Unload Stock

Matthew Miller: HandMarket Apps Windows Mobile application store in beta testing

Joe BrockmeierQuick thoughts on the (possible) demise of OpenSolaris

Sean PortnoyMitsubishi to give free Vudu Box with purchase of new TV

Zack Whittaker: Can the networks support next-gen smartphone traffic?

ReadWriteWeb: Microsoft to Challenge Pandora, Last.fm Later This Month

Andrew Nusca: Hitachi SimpleTOUGH external HDD is water-resistant, shockproof to 9.8 ft.

Hitachi announces two new external hard drives

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Lexmark all-in-one printer, Cyber-shot digital camera, Philips 47-inch HDTV

IBM introduces data-masking technology

Lesson of the day: Don't text and walk over open manhole covers

Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley Intern Says Teens Don't Twitter, Prefer Movies and Concerts

Heather Clancy: Could excess power consumption finally do in the mainframe?

Dan Kusnetzky: Wyse releases virtual desktop accelerator

Smart Outlook add-ons--screenshots

Jason Hiner: Chrome OS: 3 reasons it matters, 4 reasons it's irrelevant

Rachel King: Fujifilm soon to release a 3D digital camera

Prosecutor: Cybercrime will follow the cloud

Tom Foremski: Should you have an urge to lifecast . . .

TechCrunch: The Time Has Come To Regulate Search Engine Marketing And SEO

Dana Blankenhorn: Can VLC 1.0 change the world?

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