News to know: Office service pack; Salesforce.com; IT woe; Ubuntu flaw

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: The first Office 2007 Service Pack 1 beta is out.Larry Dignan: Salesforce.
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Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: The first Office 2007 Service Pack 1 beta is out.

Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com landing larger deployments. Dennis Howlett: The ERP mess we’re in.

David Berlind: Tech Shakedown #5: Microsoft justifies Vista’s forcing of unwanted reboots. More Technology Shakedowns.

Michael Krigsman: 10 ways implementation teams destroy IT projects. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 1GB, 2GB, 3GB ...


Dave Greenfield: Gazool: A New Kind of Enterprise Search. Gallery (right).

Appeals court may let NSA lawsuits proceed.

Mary Jo Foley: Citrix + XenSource: Microsoft’s worst nightmare. Larry Dignan: XenSource gobbled up in virtualization land grab. Dana Gardner and Dan Kusnetzky on the deal. Techmeme.

Ryan Naraine: Ubuntu servers hacked to attack others. Opera uses Mozilla fuzzer to find, fix severe browser flaw.

Techomical: Facebook Secrets Blog Shutdown By Google? Denise Howell: Facebook's data feeds a data leak?

Mary Jo Foley: A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Montauk. Scalix: A Microsoft 'Exchange killer' no more?

Photos (above): Tapping the power of ocean waves.

A bump on the road to Windows Vista.

Lotus Notes 8 due for Friday release.

TechCrunch: Facebook + iPhone = UltraCool. Boomtown: Management Shuffle at Facebook.

NY police commissioner: 'Internet is the new Afghanistan'

Blu-ray outpaces HD-DVD in U.S. SAP, Dell announce retail point-of-sale alliance. Robin Harris: Google’s new storage service. Computerworld: TJX says breach costs may exceed $150 million.

Joe McKendrick: SOA registries and the Dilbert complex.

David Berlind: Goin' green: About that Energy Star sticker on your frig? PCs and maybe servers are next. Jason O'Grady: iWeb: Apple's stillborn application.

Google: Reinventing management?

Photos: The one-of-a-kind wooden bicycle.

Dana Blankenhorn: Today's Debate: Ready for the Always-on revolution? Health care roils search engine rankings. Larry Dignan: Broadband over powerlines gets a boost.

Roland Piquepaille: Exclusive images of Endeavour's damaged tiles.

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