News to know: PDF attacks; Amazon; Green Grid; NetSuite

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Attack of the PDFs. Zero-day flaw in Macrovision DRM app under attack.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Attack of the PDFs. Zero-day flaw in Macrovision DRM app under attack.

Robin Harris: Google's 650,000-core warehouse-size computer.

Images: Tracking California's wildfires (right). Qualcomm shuts headquarters amid Calif. fires.

Heather Clancy: Green Grid tech committee update data center efficiency info.

Larry Dignan: Verizon offers new FiOS speeds: What do you do with 20 Mbps upstream? Verizon statement.

Blu-ray outsells HD DVD in U.S. for first nine months.

New York Post: Microsoft, Google duke it out over Facebook.

Larry Dignan: Amazon's third quarter fails to impress. Amazon margins a concern despite profit jump.

Department of Energy opens doors to tech entrepreneurs. Larry Dignan: Mozilla banks Google bucks; Builds a portfolio. Techmeme. Yang: Being Yahoo CEO is a 'lonely job'

Dan Farber: NetSuite SuiteBundler: Most important software of l

ast ten years?

Joe McKendrick: Watch out for falling technology: Wal-Mart's IT issues.

Start-up warms up personal robots. Gallery right.

Christopher Dawson: OLPC moves from Give 1 Get 1 to just give a bunch. Russell Shaw: App will let you take document photos with your cellphone camera, then perform flawless OCR scan. Calling the i-Mate Ultimate 9502 a PDA is like calling Rolex a watch.

Download Squad: Gmail gets IMAP.

Ryan Stewart: RIA trend watch: Rich Internet applications in the enterprise.

RIM takes BlackBerry to China.

TechCrunch: With FriendCSV, Data Sneaks Out Facebook’s Back Door. Ad Age: Facebook set to introduce major ad play.

MacRumors: Leopard dock visual tweaks.

Matthew Miller: Microsoft announces System Center Mobile Device Manager; enterprise rejoices (

right). Russell Shaw: Steve Ballmer live from CTIA- announces Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's sleeper smartphone announcement: Live ID from your phone.

Microsoft renumbers, delays next version of one of its ERP products. Dennis Howlett: Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur: first looks. Matthew Miller: Nokia reveals glimpses of the mobile future.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple should start offering Windows-based Macs.

Dell shows some design chops. XPS 420 review.

Russell Shaw: After consultations security expert believes Comcast may be “violating the law” on Torrent practices.

Bits: That Comcastic Voice and Data Network. AP: Comcast Admits Delaying Some Traffic.

Symantec, Microsoft cooperate on security.

Mary Jo Foley: F# becomes a first-class citizen. Verizon Wireless settles N.Y. probe into marketing. Cisco buying WiMax start-up for $330 million.

Dan Farber: Siebel (Oracle) CRM mashes up with WebEx (Cisco).

Dana Gardner: Sybase ushers in iPhone as secure client for mainstream corporate email.

Larry Dignan: Oracle sends a "Dear BEA" letter; Puts deadline on offer.

AT&T talks up wireless, TV subscribers


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