News to know: Qualcomm goes Wi-fi; iPhone confirmed (sort of)

A look at Monday's key developments:Work...Microsoft code name of the day: Ohana.
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A look at Monday's key developments:


Microsoft code name of the day: Ohana. Mary Jo Foley will be examining a Microsoft project (and a neat code name) every work day in December.

It's merger Monday as LSI Logic buys Agere Systems for a tidy $4 billion and Qualcomm buys two companies to get into Wi-fi and Bluetooth.
Ask.com's AskCity could be a Trojan Horse against larger search players.

You can get live CNBC on your computer--for $9.95 a month. Interesting attempt, but since CNBC is on your cable system, in lobbies and elsewhere I don't see a huge audience.

TinyURL.com could be the next YouTube.
Mark Cuban says RSS may save the newspaper industry.
Digg's Kevin Rose confirms Apple iPhone details. Here's a question: Doesn't Apple have to confirm the iPhone for it to be legit?

Lots of virtual world news: Can games make your company more efficient? Should these worlds be taxed? And who governs these things anyway?


Comedy Central produces a political parody show designed exclusively for cell phones.

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